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Re: Clipping ParametricPlot3D

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  • Subject: Re: Clipping ParametricPlot3D
  • From: twj
  • Date: Tue, 6 Oct 92 18:09:25 CDT

>Does anyone know how to clip the ViewingBox of a ParametricPlot3D. 

>You can specify the range of the values for the z-coordinate by  
>using PlotRange -> {val,val}, but I did not find a way to specify a  
>range for  the x an y coordinates. 

PlotRange is a very versatile command.

PlotRange -> {zmin, zmax}

PlotRange -> {{ xmin, xmax}, {ymin, ymax}, {zmin, zmax}}

PlotRange -> { Automatic, {zmin, zmax}, All}

are all possible settings.  Thus

In[3]:= ParametricPlot3D[ {Sin[z] Sin[t], Sin[z] Cos[t], z},
                {z,-Pi, Pi}, {t,0,2Pi},                

                PlotRange -> {{ 0, 1}, {0,1}, {0,1}}]

is what you are asking for.

>I would also be interested in viewing cuts of ParametricPlot3D,  
>where I could specify a plane which intersects the object and all  
>the points above or below the plane are left out. Perhaps anybody  
>has written a package to deal with this problem.

This is an interesting idea.   My initial idea would be to write a  
package that ended spitting out a ContourPlot command.

Tom Wickham-Jones


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