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ISSAC'93 Call for Papers

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  • Subject: ISSAC'93 Call for Papers
  • From: at (Kolyada Sergei Vladimirovich)
  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 11:55:43 +0300 (UKR)

Dear Sir and Madam,

Herewith I send you ISSAC'93  Call  for  Paper  in  the  LaTex
format. Please  share  it among all interested persons.  Thank
you very much in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Sergei Kolyada
ISSAC'93 Conference Secretary



\oddsidemargin  -0.50in
\evensidemargin -0.50in

\topmargin -.125in

\headheight 0in
\headsep 0in
\topskip = 10pt

\footheight 0in
\footskip 0in

\textheight 11.75in

\textwidth 7.55in

\title{\line{{\huge acm}\hfil{\small Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics }\hfil {\normalsize ISSAC}}\\
  \ \ \ \ \                            \\
                      INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON\\
\author{{\bf July 6-8, 1993 Kiev, Ukraine}}
   The annual  International  Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic
Computation organized by Glushkov Institute  of Cybernetics
of   Academy  of  Sciences  of  Ukraine  in  cooperation  with
ACM SIGSAM, Local Chapter Soviet ACM SIGSAM/Kiev,
International  Software   Technology   Research   Center   and
Association "Ukraine  and   World",   will   be   held   at
Kiev,July 6-8, 1993.

   {\bf CONFERENCE TOPICS}:Algorithms,  Languages  and  Systems
for  Symbolic  and  Algebraic  Computation,  Algebraic  and
Rewriting Rule-based  Programming,  Algebraic  Methods  in
Automated    Theorem   Proving   and   Logic   Programming,
Computational Geometry,  Group Theory  and  Number  Theory,
Interface/integration   of   Symbolic,   Numeric,  Graphics
Computing, Parallel  Computations  in   Computer   Algebra,
Application   of  Symbolic  and  Algebraic  Computation  in
Science, Engineering and Education.

   {\bf   SUBMISSION OF PAPERS}:The Conference    will    feature    original    research
contributions, demonstrations of  hardware  and  software  and
invited lectures. Papers presenting original research in areas
related to the Conference topics are being  sought.  No  paper
may  be  submitted  that  has  been  submitted  and  is  under
consideration at another  conference  or  for  which  this  is
planned  before  notification  by the ISSAC Program Committee.
All submissions will be refereed.

   Authors  are  requested to send {\bf 15}
copies of their paper by {\bf December 15,  1992} to  the  Program
Committee Chair:

\hspace {2in} Gaston Gonnet \\
\hspace {2in} ETHZ,Zentrum \\
\hspace {2in} CH-8092 Zurich \\
\hspace {2in} Switzerland \\
\hspace {2in} e-mail: gonnet at\\

   From countries where access to photocopying is  difficult, one
copy is sufficient. Submission deadline  is  {\bf December 15, 1992}. All  papers
must either be received by that date,  or postmarked not later
than {\bf December 8} and sent by registered express mail
or by courier. This deadline will be strictly enforced, and no
late submissions will be considered. Authors will  be  notified  of acceptance or rejection by
{\bf March 9,1993}. \\

   {\bf   PROGRAM COMMITTEE}: Marc Gaetano, Gaston Gonnet (Chair), Dima Yu.Grigoryev,
Susan Landau, Wolfgang Lassner, John McKay, Francois Morain,
Tateaki Sasaki, Sabine Sifter, Anatol Slissenko, Robert Sutor,
Felix Ulmer, John Abbott.\\

Manuel Bronstein (Proceedings Editor), Vladimir P.Gerdt (Conference Co-Chair),
Gaston Gonnet (Program Committee Chair), Julia V.Kapitonova (Local Arrangement Chair),
Sergei V.Kolyada (Conference Secretary), Alexander A.Letichevsky (Conference Chair),
Vladimir S.Mikhalevich (Organizing Committee Chair),Igor V.Velbeetsky (Exhibition Chair).

   Conference Sites: Rus' International Hotel, Sport Hotel, Kiev

    For further information please contact:\\
\begin{tabular}{l l l}
{\ \ \footnotesize Julia Kapitonova} &{\footnotesize Alexander Letichevsky} &{\footnotesize Vladimir Gerdt} \\
{\ \ \footnotesize Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics} &{\footnotesize Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics} &{\footnotesize Joint Institute for Nuclear Research} \\
{\ \ \footnotesize 40 Glushkov ave.} &{\footnotesize 40 Glushkov ave.} &{\footnotesize Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation} \\
{\ \ \footnotesize Kiev 252207, Ukraine} &{\footnotesize Kiev 252207, Ukraine} &{\footnotesize P.O.Box 79, Dubna, Russia}\\
{\ \ \footnotesize Phone: (+7)(044)~266~00~58}  &{\footnotesize Phone: (+7)(044)~266~00~58 } & {\footnotesize Phone: (+7)(221)~6~34~37} \\
{\ \ \footnotesize E-mail: kap\} &{\footnotesize E-mail: let\} & {\footnotesize E-mail: gerdt at}\\

{\ \ \footnotesize} &{\footnotesize} &      \\


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