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Re: Hold/Evaluate in Integrate

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  • Subject: Re: Hold/Evaluate in Integrate
  • From: bert at (Roberto Sierra)
  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:08:48 -0800

    Can anyone tell me why

Hold[Integrate[Evaluate[x+x], x]]



not Hold[Integrate[2x, x]]?

Probably for the same reason that
and not

It would appear that Evaluate *only* applies to the function it appears
in.  Integrate does not have attributes Hold, HoldFirst, or HoldRest,
so use of Evaluate with Integrate won't make a difference.  Anyway,
since there is an outer hold on the entire expression, the Evaluate
makes no difference and is 'buried'.

Here's a simple workaround -- call the function IntegrateEvaluated,
shown below, which has exactly the same syntax as Integrate (and all
options), but will cause the first argument to be evaluated:

	Attributes[IntegrateEvaluated] := {HoldRest};
	IntegrateEvaluated[func_,rest__] :=

With the definition above, you'll get what you want:

	In[1]:= IntegrateEvaluated[x+x,x]
	Out[1]= Hold[Integrate[2 x, x]]

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