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Rules for MPS format

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  • Subject: Rules for MPS format
  • From: bobk at
  • Date: Sat, 11 Dec 93 17:21:21 PST

Although Mma has a linearprogramming function, there are times when you
would like to access an external program (Minos, CPLEX, ...). The industry
standard format for describing linear programs and quadratic programs is
call MPS. What would be nice in those situations is to have a function
which would analyze the constraints and objective function in Mma to
produce a file containing the MPS description. Then the external program
could be called via mathlink to solve the problem. So, has anyone written a
collection of rules which will take the same arguments as MaxConstrained or
MinConstrained and produces the MPS decription in a file? If so, please
email me (bobk at I'd greatly appreciate not having to reinvent
the wheel.

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