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Re: Mathematica on Sun + Mac???

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  • Subject: Re: Mathematica on Sun + Mac???
  • From: hhalkin at (Hubert Halkin)
  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:15:36 -0800

>Here is a question from gray at :
>Should I run the kernel on a UNIX workstation (say, a Sun SPARCstation 10,
>Model 40) and the front end on a Macintosh (say, a Quadra 800), should I
>run both the kernel and the front end both on the Sun, or should I do
>something else? Can a Sun and a Mac "talk" fast enough to be able to run
>the kernel and front end on the two separate machines? It would seem that
>it would be nice to be able to run a separate kernel on each machine. Is
>that possible?

I have been running Mathematica2.2 on a PB180c for quite a while.
Most of the time I am running both the front end and the kernel on the
mac. When I need more speed I run one or more remote kernel(s) on a some unix
boxe(s): Sun's or HP's. It works very well, even multiple remote kernels
from home (using a SLIP connection and the Express Modem).

Note:without SLIP I have not been able to use a single 2.2 remote kernel 
from home; before that (without SLIP) I had no trouble running a 2.1 
remote kernel.

Hubert Halkin
Department of Mathematics
UCSD, La Jolla, CA 92093-0112 USA

email: hhalkin at
phone: (619) 534-2622

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