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MATHCONECT: Connection between a spreadsheet and Mathematica !

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  • Subject: MATHCONECT: Connection between a spreadsheet and Mathematica !
  • From: nadae at (Elie-James Nada)
  • Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 15:46:15 +0100

(For information on how to obtain a copy of MATHCONECT, see the end  
of this message)

		MATHCONECT Pre-Release Version 1.0.0

		Lamb Software Design connects
		Athena)s Design Mesa spreadsheet
		to Wolfram Research Mathematica

Geneva, Switzerland. Lamb Software Design announces MATHCONECT, a  
software enabling Mesa, the widely used spreadsheet on the NEXTSTEP  
environment, to communicate with the Mathematica kernel thus  
enhancing the spreadsheet)s mathematical functionality.

MATHCONECT is targeted to users wishing to enhance the mathematical  
power of their spreadsheet.

	Send and receive data between Mesa and Mathematica !

There is no need to be a developer since knowledge of the basic  
Mathematica language and Mesa is sufficient. It is the optimum  
solution for those wishing to create their own complex functions with  
Mathematica and replace the function)s parameters with cells, ranges  
or matrix of their spreadsheet. The result can then be placed in a  
user defined Mesa cell, range or matrice or output in a text panel at  
the user)s option.

Mathematica is a powerful program for solving numeric and symbolic  
mathematical problems and contains a programming language. On the  
other hand, a spreadsheet like Mesa is well designed for time series  
handling. With MATHCONECT it is now possible to benefit from both  
software advantages.

MATHCONECT was developed in the NEXTSTEP environment using MathLink  
and is available for both NeXT Stations and NEXTSTEP on Intel  

Thanks to the multi-tasking environment provided by NEXTSTEP, the  
spreadsheet can be used while the Mathematica kernel is processing  
the spreadsheet)s data.

All Mathematica standard and custom packages can be used just by drag  
and drop or loaded dynamically using the Mathematica language.

 "The computations performed by the Black-Scholes model are ideal for  
offloading from a spreadsheet into Mathematica." said M. Ross M.  
Miller from General Electric Corporate Reasearch & Development Center  
in an article(1) written in 1990, showing the obvious interest raised  
at that time by such bridge for the financial users community. Now,  
with MATHCONECT, the gap is filled.

For further information

Elie-James Nada

Lamb Software Design
7 A rue de Savoie
1207 Geneva
Tel:++41-22  735.96.03
Fax:++41-22  735.98.80
E-Mail: info at


(1) See Ross M. Miller,"Computer-Aided Financial Analysis: An  
Implementation of The Black-Scholes Model," The Mathematica Journal,  
Vol.1, Issue 1 Summer 1990, pp. 75-79 c 1990 Addison-Wesley  
Publishing Co.

Mathconect  Copyright  1993 Lamb Software Design, Alexander Lamb,  
Elie-James Nada  All Rights Reserved.
Mathconect is a trademark of Lamb Software Design, Alexander Lamb and  
Elie-James Nada. Mathematica, Mesa and NEXTSTEP are trademark of  
their respective manufacturers.

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