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  • Subject: curve-fitting
  • From: 4_DKEFFORD at
  • Date: 26 Feb 1993 10:17:08 -0500 (EST)


I am a Physics student at Fairfield University working on a project now that
requires a curve fit with the following form:

I = -I1*Exp[-t/T1] + I2*Exp[-t/T2]

I was told by Wolfram Research that maybe you could answer questions regarding
Mathematica; is there a way to do a fit using Mathematica via some regressional
method? I know I could choose four points and then substitute them into the 
above equation to get four equations with the four parameters I1, I2, T1, T2,
but it's really messy. 

I would appreciate any response or input.

Dan Kefford
Physics Department
Fairfield University

4_dkefford at

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