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Re: Bug in ANIMATION???

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  • Subject: Re: Bug in ANIMATION???
  • From: twj
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 09:25:30 CST

Susan Rempe asks

>Why doesn't this simple code produce a movie?
>In[4]:= ani[t_]:=Point[{Sin[t],Cos[t],Sin[t]+Cos[t]}]
>In[7]:= Table[Graphics3D[ani[t]],{t,0,4}]
>Out[7]= {-Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-,
>In[8]:= ShowAnimation[%]
>Out[8]= ShowAnimation[{-Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-, >
>-Graphics3D-, -Graphics3D-}]
>	Is there a bug?   I am running version 2.1 on a SGI Iris.

I presume that you have first loaded the animation package


Your machine will by default use a GL based animation program which is similar  
to Live.   This program does not support the Point primitive of Mathematica 

graphics.  You can add this by including these lines in your init.m file...

	Begin[ "Graphics`ThreeScript`private`"]

	TSBounding0[Point[g_List], min_, max_] :=
        	TSBounding1[g, min, max]

	TS0[file_, Point[g_List]] :=
        	WriteName[file, "point"] ;
        	WriteTriple[file, g]

then you can continue...



	ShowAnimation[ %]
and produce an animation.  However the points will be very small and hard
to see.  You may do better with lines.

	ani[t_] := Line[ {{0,0,0},{Sin[t],Cos[t],Sin[t]+Cos[t]}}]


	ShowAnimation[ %]

Alternatively you may wish to use the PostScript based animation program.
You can switch to using this by entering

	$RasterFunction = Identity

and continue with...


		Graphics3D[{PointSize[.05], N[ ani[t]]},
		PlotRange -> {{-1.2, 1.2},{-1.2,1.2},{-1.5,1.5}}], 

	ShowAnimation[ %]
to produce an animation.

Tom Wickham-Jones

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