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Hands-on Mathematica Workshops in Santa Clara

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  • Subject: Hands-on Mathematica Workshops in Santa Clara
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 15:01:31 PDT

> Can you tell me what your schedule of 1993-94 Mathematica workshops 
> is for Southern California area?

I don't have any immediate plans of giving Mathematica workshops in
Southern California.  But I will be giving 4 one-day workshops in 
Santa Clara on August 29 - September 1.  Below is information about
these workshop.



Hands-on Mathematica Workshops

Workshop 1: Introduction to Mathematica
Workshop 2: Programming in Mathematica
Workshop 3: Mathematica Graphics
Workshop 4: Topics in Mathematica Design

Dates and Location

August 29 - September 1, 1993
Techmart Building           
Santa Clara, California   

Detailed information on location will be sent to participants upon registration.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Mathematica

This workshop provides a nuts-and-bolts approach that will make it easier to 
learn and use Mathematica, bringing together ideas and techniques that are 
scattered throughout the literature.  This course will be a useful refresher
for casual users as well as those who are more experienced. 

You will learn how to find commands you need, understand what they do, and use 
them effectively.  You will learn to use Mathematica to manipulate expressions,
find roots, solve differential equations, and visualize functions and data. 
By the end of the course, you'll be ready to go on to programming.

Programming in Mathematica

This course will help you get started programming in Mathematica.  We begin 
by showing you how to write functions.  You will learn about different types 
of assignment statements as well as patterns you can use to specify arguments 
to functions.  We then cover importing, exporting, and formatting data and 
expressions and conclude by describing the mechanisms used in Mathematica 
packages and explaining how to use them.  After this course you should be able 
to read and write data from ASCII files and write your own Mathematica package.

Mathematica Graphics

The graphical capabilities of Mathematica have contributed greatly to its 
success.  Mathematica makes decisions when producing a plot, such as how 
frequently to sample a function, where to position the axes and tick marks, 
what range of values to display, and how to shade or color the graph.  This 
course describes how to use the graphics primitives and influence the choices 
that Mathematica makes when producing graphics.

Topics in Mathematica Design

Knowing the design philosophy of a computer language makes it easier to 
get the results you need.  Learn how Mathematica works.  Find out how 
data and expressions are stored, how expressions are evaluated, and some 
of the algorithms Mathematica uses.  Learn how to structure your code so 
it's efficient and reusable.

About the Instructor

Nancy Blachman is one of the nation's leading Mathematica trainers.  
In addition to the two books she has written, she is co-developer of 
the Mathematica Help Stack.  She is an instructor at Stanford University, 
where she teaches classes in problem solving with Mathematica.  
Ms. Blachman has been an invited speaker at the last four Mathematica 
conferences, where her workshops have been well received.  She holds 
degrees in mathematics, operations research, and computer science from
the University of Birmingham (U.K.), the University of California at 
Berkeley, and Stanford University.

Workshop Facilities

This workshop will be given in a lab with Macintoshes running Mathematica, 
Version 2.2.

Each participant will receive a copy of Nancy Blachman's 384-page book 
``Mathematica: A Practical Approach'' (Prentice-Hall, 1992) and the 
``Mathematica Quick Reference, Version 2'' (Addison-Wesley and Variable 
Symbols, 1992).  

For information on this workshop, call Variable Symbols, or mail or fax the
following information form.  

Variable Symbols, Inc. * 2161 Shattuck Ave, Suite 202 * Berkeley, CA 94704-1313
Telephone 510-843-8701                                         Fax 510-843-8702
-------------------------------- Cut here ------------------------------------

[ ] Please send me information on Variable Symbols' Mathematica workshops.

I would like to attend in the following location: 
        [ ] Santa Clara, California        
            August 29 - September 1, 1993

I would like to attend the following workshops:
        [ ] Introduction to Mathematica
        [ ] Introduction to Programming
        [ ] Mathematica Graphics
        [ ] Topics in Mathematica Design

        [ ] I am unable to attend but please let me know about other
            workshops.  I would be interested in workshops in the 
            following cities:_______________________________________
        [ ] Please add my name to your mailing list.







Telephone________________________________  Fax  ______________________________


Send or fax this form to:

        Variable Symbols, Inc.
        2161 Shattuck Ave., Suite 202
        Berkeley, CA  94704-1313
        Telephone 510-843-8701
        Fax 510-843-8702

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