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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jul 93 15:36:12 EDT
  • Original-from: physics!bss (Sriram Shastry)

Dear Mathgroup,                                JUly 19th

In response to my query 
about pictures within pictures of July 13th
(article <1993.196.195953.13358 at>)
I had two questions and got two classes of replies, and several requests
to post the answers since these seem to be  commonly encountered  problems.
Thanks for the prompt replies and here are a few of the
generic replies, followed by a session log for using "Rectangle"
>From: miller at (Doug Miller)

We had the same problem with IslandDraw. It's a bug in IslandDraw that
is fixed in a later release.

>From: kj at (K.J. Paradise)
X-Sender: kj at
Subject: Mathgroup query
Status: RO

There is a command in Mathematica Version 2.0 and later called Rectangle[]
that should do exactly what you want it to do.  

jarle.brinchmann at

In article <1993.196.195953.13358 at> you write:
etc etc..

I'm afraid I cannot help you with your question, but I like to point out two 

PostScript is rarely editable, that means that your Postscript has to have 
some standard prolog which Island Draw supports. I belive MMA is not one of 
these. However, the output you have before you do psfix, is _raw_ PostScript.
This can be edited, but needs a proper prolog. This might be provided with
Island Draw, but if you can use Idraw, I have a small Perl Script to 
convert this MMA to Idraw format, I'll send it to you if you can use it.


WHile I am waiting for IslandDraw to get back to me , I tried the Rectangle
command, and it indeed works well. Here is a sample session that might be
useful to try out.:
In[1]:= Plot[Sin[x],{x,0,Pi}]

Out[1]= -Graphics-

In[2]:= Plot[Tan[x],{x,0,Pi/2}]

Out[2]= -Graphics-

In[3]:= Rectangle[{0,0},{1.25,100},%1]

Out[3]= Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1.25, 100}, -Graphics-]

In[4]:= Show[%2,Graphics[%]]

Out[4]= -Graphics-
bss at

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