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MathLink Questions

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: MathLink Questions
  • From: Steven M. Christensen <stevec at>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jul 93 23:10:27 EDT


I would like to poll the MathGroup and others about the uses or
potential uses of MathLink.  If you have some time, please send me
some comments on the following questions.  I hope to use the 
information obtained in encouraging more MathLink development and
making sure it is going in the directions most needed by Mathematica

Please give as many examples of programs/applications - and the
type of computers you want them to work on  - as you can.  I am interested
in commercial and public domain programs as well as any you might
have developed or would like to see developed.


1) MathLink can be used to call external programs from within 
   Mathematica.  What programs would you like to see linked to
   Mathematica in this way?  (For example, connecting external
   Fortran libraries, SQL databases, or data acquisition hardware
   to Mathematica functions.)

2) MathLink can be used to call Mathematica functions from external
   programs.  (For example, a spreadsheet program might use Mathematica
   functions or packages in its cells.  A CAD package or photorealistic
   renderer might use Mathematica as a geometric modeler.)  

3) MathLink can be used to run multiple linked copies of Mathematica
   simultaneously on the same machine or on a number of machines
   over a network.  What applications of this sort of setup would
   you like to develop or see developed?

4) What languages do you use to write programs?

5) Have you used MathLink?  If yes, what have you done?  Can you
   provide your application for examination?

If you have any other constructive comments or ideas, please add them.
I would appreciate receiving your ideas as soon as possible.


Steve Christensen
stevec at

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