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  • Subject: 0^t
  • From: gafox at (Gordon A. Fox)
  • Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1993 08:53:37 -0700

Dear Mathgroup,

	The following exchange between myself and Courtney Johnson
at WRI clarified something that bothered me, and may well bother
others. . . .

			Gordon A. Fox
			(gafox at
			Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
			University of Arizona
			Tucson, AZ 85721

	Mma is now generating output for me that includes terms like
	0^t, and it doesn't simplify these to 0. In fact, if I simply
	enter "0^t" or even N[0^t], the output is "0^t". Is there
	a way to fix this so I don't have to search my output and
	make the substitution 0^t->0??

				Gordon A. Fox

This is useful in some cases when, for instance, a person would
try to evaluate 0^0, which is not necessarily equal to 0.  So it is
incorrect, mathematically speaking, to evaluate to 0.  In any case,
if you would like it to function so that 0^t, where t is any number,
then you can do so with the following lines:

Power[0,t_] = 0

Please remember to change this back if you are finished and are
not needing that functionality anymore if you think that there is
a possibility in the future of your session that you will not want
it to automatically evaluate to 0.

Thank you for your continued interest in Mathematica.


Courtney Johnson
Technical Support

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