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Re: Hiding Plots

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  • Subject: Re: Hiding Plots
  • From: Brian Gray <gray at>
  • Date: Sun, 2 May 93 10:05:50 EDT

The question was posed--

: : 	I would like to plot various functions  f1[x],f2[x].......  
: : ...  What I donot want is the individual plots  
: : (p1,p2..) to be displayed. I have'nt been able to figure out how to  
: : suppress all the individual plots and only disply them together.
: : I tried putting semicolan's, piping it to a file etc. Does not work.
 I have run across similar problems and have come up with the following 
 solution. It is neccessary to set the Display variable to 'Identity' in order
 to supress plotting of a plot on the screen. This variable is help within the
 plot though, so when the combined plot is wanted the Display variable must be
 reset. I have created the following definitions to make doing this easier;
 noplot := {SetOptions[Plot,DisplayFunction->Identity],
 yesplot := {SetOptions[Plot,DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction],
 Showyes[x_] := Show[x,DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction];
 -Call 'noplot' to supress all subsequent plots (here only Plot and 
 -Call 'yesplot' to display all subsequently CREATED plots.
 -Call 'Showyes' to view previously supressed plots.
 These functions can easily be placed in an 'init.m' file so that they are
 installed each time you run Mma. The functions can be extended to cover other
 plotting functions in the same maaner as above by including them in the 
 command array.
 Hope this helps in some way...
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