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  • Subject: Animations
  • From: martin at
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 93 14:08:41 +0200

Dear mathgroup,

I face some problems controlling animations/plotting in Mathematica.
What I want to have is animation/plotting of a sequence which is  
building continuously during the ongoing computation.
This will be used to trace the development of a system described by  
differential equations through time (i.e. for our student exercices  
in neural network behaviour).
ONLY THE LAST PLOT of the sequence should be visible at one time  
step. It is possible to have continued plotting going on inside a  
cell (i.e. the new cells are hidden), but then it always shows the  
first plot to the outside. Reversing the order of the creation of  
output cells would help to solve the problem, but I can't find that  
option any more (I think it was available once). I am currently  
working with Mma 2.1 on a NeXT.

Any hints to 'how to controll grouping of cells in plotting sequences  
in notebooks from inside mathematica programs' (hopefully in a  
generic way, not restricted to Mac, NeXT or Windows) are greatly  

Thanks in advance,

Martin Lades
martin at

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