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  • From: Lyle Wiedeman <wiedeman at>
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 93 15:17:53 -0700

In re: AVS ...

AVS is a scientific visualization package marketed by AVS, Inc.  It
came out of Stardent Computer Corp.  It embodies a "data-flow"
paradigm in which one selects from a "palette" of independent programs
("modules"), and links them together in (not quite) arbitrary ways,
with the intent of starting at one end of this "network" with your
research data, and coming out the other end with a picture which
hopefully leads to insight into the data set.

It is robust, flexible, and interactive.  We have used it with
tremendous success at U. Calif. Irvine.  Other companies such
as SGI and IBM have come out with similar products in the wake
of the success of AVS.

Anyone interested in AVS can contact

Advanced Visual Systems
300 Fifth Ave.
Waltham MA  02154


AVS also supports a number of LISTSERV sites:
bug-fix-announce at    AVS Bug Fix Announcement List
customers-contract at  AVS Maintainance Customer List
customers-all at       AVS Users List
avs5-beta at           Beta testers for AVS5
se at                  SE Support List
distributors at        AVS Distributor Support List

Mathematica, as far as I know, has no formally supported link with
or affiliation to AVS.  However, since AVS provides a library
with which one can build one's own modules, and Mathematica provides
MathLink, it is indeed possible for an adventurous soul to write
a module whereby Mathematica and AVS work together.  I have seen
this demonstrated as early as Siggraph '92.

I'm not sure whether "mathgroup" is a Mathematica-only discussion
group, but I should point out that Maple also has a link to AVS,
which was actually developed by WMS.  Anyone who has more interest
in math software and AVS is welcome to contact me directly.

	Lyle Wiedeman                 Office of Academic Computing
	wiedeman at              Univ. Calif. Irvine
	wiedeman at UCI.BITNET           Irvine, CA  92717
    	(714) 856-8718	    	      FAX (714) 725-2069

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