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Graphics Input to Mma

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Graphics Input to Mma
  • From: reza at (Reza Shadmehr)
  • Date: Wed, 13 Oct 93 09:38:05 EDT

Although Mma can read a graphics file that it has produced and
can subsequently display it, it doesn't seem to be able to 
manipulate the contents of the graph.  What I have in mind is
something like this:  Say I generate some data and produce a
graph and store it to a file.  Some time later (perhaps after
exiting Mma), I wish to make that graph a bit different, for 
example, change its PlotRange or add a label somewhere, or 
incorporate it into another graph.  I can reenter Mma and read
that graph and display it, but if I try to add a Line somewhere,
it doesn't incorporate it correctly into the coordinates of the
read graph.  

	Display["myplot.mps", Plot[x^2, {0,2}]]

As you note, the Line is not incorporated in the graphics correctly.
This is probably because the Graphics read from a file is 
fundamentally different from Graphics produced by a graphics function,
even though the file contains the result of a graphics function.
I suspect this is because of the way Display works.  Is there a way
to address this problem?

best wishes,

Reza Shadmehr
Mass. Int. of Technology

reza at

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