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Re: Publication quality graphics

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  • Subject: Re: Publication quality graphics
  • From: twj
  • Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 09:36:16 CDT

Buff Miner writes

>I'm having trouble creating publication quality graphics in Mathematica. If
>I make the font large enough, the axes numbers run into the axes labels and
>I don't see any way to offset the axis labels to avoid this. When I try to
>combine a plot with a Text graphic, I lose all the axes and the numbers.
>For example the original graphic RDHDensity was a surface plot with axis
>labels, tick marks and numerical values. When I try to combine this with
>the text graphic I get two plots instead of one. The original and a second
>which contains only the surface and the text.

When Show recieves a number of graphics objects as input it
coerces them to the same type.  For example here it must coerce
the SurfaceGraphics object to be a Graphics object.   When it does
this it only converts the primitives of the SurfaceGraphics object
and not the options.  Consquently it loses the axes and labels.

The simple way to keep these is to keep everything as a three-dimensional

RDHDensity = 

	Plot3D[ Sin[x y], {x,0,6}, {y,0,3}, AxesLabel -> {"X", "Y", "Z"}]

Show[{RDHDensity,Graphics3D[Text["Density",{.5,.5, .5},{1,0}]]}]

Where it is combined with a Graphics3D object.  This time the
axes and so on are kept.

Tom Wickham-Jones

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