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random number seeds

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  • Subject: random number seeds
  • From: nachbar at
  • Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1993 11:45:14 -0500 (EDT)


i know that one can reinitial ize the random number sequence with a
call to RandomSeed[someNumber], and as long as someNumber doesn't
change neither will the sequence of random numbers.

i have a problem that uses many random numbers and takes a long time
to run, even on an SGI Inidgo Extreme. sometimes the problem is not
solved at the end of the run or, occasionally, the run dies because
the machine goes down or our network get clobbered. what i would like
to do is save the current state of the computation from time to time
so that it could be restarted. this means that i need to know the
"current" random number seed so that the restart can use it. i've
looked all through "the book" and cannot find out how to get this
very special number. does anyone know what it is called (i.e. the
symbol name) or if there is a function that will return its value?


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