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Defining options for LogListPlot and curve labeling

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  • Subject: Defining options for LogListPlot and curve labeling
  • From: roksana at
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 93 12:50:51 +1000


another recent Mathematica user with a question about plotting.

1. I'm trying to plot a bit error rate curve which is in the form:
{{EbNo1,BER1},{EbNo2,BER2},etc} which is a 2-d plot linear x axis
and Log y axis. To do this, I'm using LogListPlot from the Graphics`Graphics`
package and I define options by

AxesOrigin->{3.,-10},Frame->True,FrameLabel->{"Eb/No [dB]","Pb"}];

SetOptions[LogListPlot,...] doesn't work.

I would like to define plot range for the y axis, e.g. 10^-10 to 10^-1 in
steps of 10^-1. Unfortunatelly, ticks for the y axes aren't recognised
and they are automatic (in steps of 10^-2).

Any idea how to define the ticks for a LogListPlot?

2. How to label the curves (apart from the tedious manual placing of text
at {x,y} coordinates? Is there any way to do this automatically, as I
usually have multiple curves on one plot?



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