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Re: MMA to Illustrator

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  • Subject: [mg261] Re: [mg240] MMA to Illustrator
  • From: Prof P Schatz <pns at>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 15:27:03 +0000

At  2:57 PM 11/28/94 +0000, Roberto Abraham wrote:
>Hi Mathgroupers,
>This is a kind of hybrid Mathematica/Adobe Illustrator question, so
>I hope this is the right forum to be asking this stuff...
>I'm a new user of Adobe Illustrator (v.5.5 for the PowerMac), and I'm
>having some trouble exporting Mathematica graphics saved in my
>Mathematica (v.2.2.3 for the Mac) Notebooks into Illustrator format. I
>fear I may be doing something really stupid, since I'm having trouble
>on something that seems pretty basic.  In order to export the graphs
>I've been copying the graphics into the clipboard and saving the
>clipboard in Illustrator format, which seems to work fine. However,
>when I open the saved file in Illustrator I find that data points do
>not appear, although the rest of the graph shows up fine (eg. the
>graph frame, labels, etc). The graphics I'm exporting are generally
>pretty simple graphs, created using ListPlot and GraphicsArray in
>Mathematica. Anyway, when I look at the graph in Illustrator's
>"Artwork" view (the preview mode), I can see the *locations* of the
>data points (there are tiny little dots there), but but the symbols
>for the points don't show up. Interestingly, error bars on points DO
>show up, although the points themselves don't. I've tried various
>things like moving the axes of the graph to the background plane of
>the drawing in case they're obscuring the points, with no luck. My
>only theory, which seems pretty dubious, is that somehow the graphics
>primitive used by Mathematica to draw data points is not being
>correctly translated into Illustrator format.  Has anyone else been
>having this problem, and does anyone have any suggestions with regard
>to fixing this problem? Since I need to actually edit the graphs (as
>opposed to just scale them and move them around), exporting them in
>encapsulated postscript from Mathematica isn't really an option.
>Many thanks,
>Bob Abraham
>abraham at
>Institute of Astronomy,
>Cambridge University

        Bob, I have successfully imported Mathematica graphics into
Illustrator.  I don't specifically recall having the problem you mention.
I suggest you use the option in Mathematica that allows you to control the
point size.  Make the points somewhat bigger in Mathematica before saving
in Illustrator format.

        Another point for anyone who has TeXtures.  It is possible to
import the TeX math fonts (and hence mathematical expressions) from
TeXtures into Illustrator and then work with these fonts.  In this way, one
can produce very attractive mathematical labels, etc. in Illustrator.


Paul Schatz
Chem Dept, University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, VA 22901
ph 804-924-3249
fax: 804-924-3710

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