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Mathematica Electrical Engineering Pack

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  • Subject: Mathematica Electrical Engineering Pack
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 16:11:12 -0600

Wolfram Research Introduces the Mathematica Applications Library:
Electrical Engineering Pack Now Available

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois-Wolfram Research, Inc. recently announced the release
of an Electrical Engineering Pack, the first in a series of packs in
Wolfram Research's newly created Mathematica Applications Library.

The Mathematica Applications Library consists of Mathematica-based material
from Wolfram Research as well as applications created by independent
Mathematica developers. Mathematica packs in areas such as electrical
engineering, signal processing, control engineering, statistics, and
finance are being designed to extend Mathematica, helping Mathematica users
apply the system quickly and efficiently to solve problems in their area of

The Electrical Engineering Pack is a collection of notebooks and packages
written in Mathematica, designed to enhance the electrical engineer's use
of Mathematica for problems in areas such as circuit analysis, transmission
lines, and antenna design.

Approximately 30 percent of the Mathematica users worldwide are engineers,
and electrical engineers comprise the largest segment of this group. The
Electrical Engineering Pack introduces these engineers to the Mathematica
environment with examples and tools they can use right out of the box to
increase their productivity. 

"The Electrical Engineering Pack gets engineers up and running quickly with
Mathematica," according to noted electrical engineer and consultant Alfred
Riddle of Macallan Consulting. "It's ideal for practicing engineers because
it focuses on solving problems we encounter every day. You really find out
how quickly and easily you can implement Mathematica to get work done and
communicate your solutions effectively-all within the same program."

The Electrical Engineering Pack presents practical examples of how
Mathematica is used to solve real electrical engineering problems. Ranging
from elementary to advanced, the examples draw upon Mathematica's wide
range of capabilities and cover topics such as Bode plots, Nyquist plots,
antenna field patterns, Smith charts, root locus plots, and more. 
The examples are presented as Mathematica
notebooks, interactive electronic documents that are created automatically
when Mathematica is used on most computer platforms. Live formulas, data,
computations, and graphics are combined with text in these notebooks to
form an electronic textbook with examples that users can read, modify, and
execute for individual project requirements.

The pack also provides a new set of Mathematica functions useful in many
common electrical engineering tasks, extending Mathematica specifically for
the electrical engineer. These fundamental tools range from simple one-line
programs to complex modeling routines, demonstrating many of the techniques
used in creating Mathematica-based programs. Completely open and
customizable, the pack lets users examine the source code of the functions
and use them as examples of Mathematica programming or as a core to build
upon as they develop their own algorithms. 

Price and Availability
The Electrical Engineering Pack is available for Macintosh, Microsoft
Windows, and the X Window System (for Sun SPARC, Sun Solaris DEC RISC, HP
700 Series, IBM RISC System/6000, and Silicon Graphics computers) and is
priced at $195. Mathematica Version 2.2 is required to make full use of the
materials in the Electrical Engineering Pack.

The Electrical Engineering Pack is available directly through Wolfram
Research and resellers worldwide. To order, customers may call
1-800-441-MATH in the U.S. or +44-(0)993-883400 in Europe.

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