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  • To: MathGroup at
  • Subject: MathSource
  • From: "Ted van der Togt" <vdtogt at>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Jan 94 17:31:20 +0100

Dear Math Groupers,
a week ago I sent some email to the MathSource administration with the
following  text:

>Dear Sir, Madam,
>a. Being an enthousiast Mathematica user, I very much appreciate the MathSource
initiative. However I found that using FTP I only could reach a small part
of what is on MathSource. Is that correct? Does the email-request interface
cover more material?
>b. Some time ago I subscribed to "Mathematica in Education". Anticipating that
I would have an internet-account soon, I also paid for the electronic
version. Now I have one, I wonder how to obtain these. Do I, apart from
Mathematica need some other software for viewing these on my Mac?
>c. Are there any plans to make MathSource a WWW-server? Recently I picked up
the NCSA Mosaic WWW-browser, and am really enthousiast. Really think that
this would be a great way to make MathSource more transparent. If you
haven't considered it yet, please do.
>Friendly greetings,
>Ted van der Togt
>Delft, the Netherlands.

But I didn't get any response yet!

So what I wanted to ask you (Math Group people) is : what is your experience?

Do you have this same experience that only a restricted selection of
MathSource materials is available via ftp?
Can anyone tell me how to get the electronic version of Mma in education?
and how to view it?
Who (next to me) would you fancy a MathSource WWW-server approach?

Friendly greetings to all of you:

Ted van der Togt
Delft, the Netherlands

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