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  • From: Ann M. Bell <ABELL at>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 94 12:48 CDT

I'm an economics grad student working on my dissertation,
which involves multi-agent simulations of an artificial economy which
will hopefully exhibit some endogenous fluctuations (ie. a business]
cycle---think of my thesis as "SimRecession"). I don't know anyone
in the econ dept. who knows anything about mathematica, and I've
run into a small but extremely aggravating anomaly in the way
mathematica interprets symbols on the rhs of functions definitions.
I'll gladly send an example of the problem to the mailing list if you
think that's appropriate, or if you have any idea how I could get
help with this problem.
To give you a brief idea of what the problem is:
I have a function defined
alg[{p2_,p3_}] := {p2,p3} - r market[{p2,p3}]
I want to be able to name {p2,p3} on the right hand side,
but if I just enter
p = {p2,3}
mathematica treats p2,p3 as independent symbols, not as arguments of
the function. I have similiar  but more complicated problems in
making sure that the auxiliary function market[{p2,p3}] spits out
something that will be interpreted as an argument of the function
and not just "p2" or "p3". My ultimate goal is to right the
function alg as alg[{x___}] so I can call up a variable number
of arguments defined elsewhere.
Le me know if this is a suitable topic for the mailing list,
or if you know of any other possible sources of advice.
Thanks a lot,    Ann Bell

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