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'License Tampering' messages

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  • Subject: 'License Tampering' messages
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  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 11:17:45 -0600

Perhaps this is old news to people, but I haven't seen it mentioned here,
so I'd like to bring it up.

We have some Mathematica network licenses in Engineering labs, and
occasionally users will see the message 'License Tampering' appear in the
midst of a session, followed by immediate termination of Mathematica.
Wolfram says this can happen if mathclient dies, which can happen if the
process requests more memory than is available. One of the people to whom
this happened more or less confirmed this, after he ran his problem
(successfully) on a single-station copy of Mathematica and noted that it
did use an unusual amount of memory.

Have others in this group seen this? It's definitely non-robust behavior
and should be fixed, but Wolfram's response was only to note the possible
causes of the behavior, not to promise a fix.

This is the response I got from WRI.

>There are two conditions which will cause the "License
>Tampering" message to appear when using the network license
>with Mathematica 2.2.
>1) If mathclient dies for any reason.  (One way this might
>happen is by running a program in Mathematica that requires so
>much memory that it squeezes mathclient to the point where it
>2) If a new Mathematica session tries to connect to mathserver,
>and the mathpass file (that the mathserver is using) is bad or
>missing. This usually means the mathpass file was moved or
>modified. The mathpass file is read at the mathserver startup
>time and every time anew Mathematica session connects to the

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