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Re: importing pixmaps

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  • Subject: Re: importing pixmaps
  • From: Jeffrey Adams <jeff at>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 94 09:54:22 -0400

> >L.S.
> >
> >Is it possible in mathematica to import pixmap files in e.g.  pcx,
> >tiff or gif format and do some image processing on them?
> >I would also like to know if mathematica packages are available to
> >do some simple image processing on pictures (FFT, scaling etc.).
> > 

> >Rudolf Sprik
> >sprik at
> >
> Off the top of my head, I don't know of packages that will do this.
> However, you can import GIF format into the X front end and use
> Convert to InputForm; perhaps, this would be a useful alternative.

>                                         -John

Each of the Mathematica front ends can copy and paste some image  
formats into and out of RasterArray and Raster formats.
NeXTSTEP front ends can use TIFF, John reports X front ends can use  
GIF and I believe the Mac front ends can import and export PICTs.

On the issue of importing and exporting images, I am wrapping up a  
NeXTSTEP MathLink package and code called Graphics`Tiff` which has  
two functions ReadTiff and WriteTiff which can read in TIFFs and  
create RasterArray objects and WriteTiff which can write RasterArray  
objects out as TIFF.   These functions do not require a front end to  
work.  They can read/write 1,2,4,8,24,32 bit GrayLevel, RBGColor,  
CMYKColor TIFFs.  They currently throw out an Alpha channel.

The MathLink application does contain NeXTSTEP specific code for  
reading in TIFFs, but the MathLink code is easily portable across  
different platforms so it shouldn't take to long to port.

I'm also wrapping up a Graphics`Raster` package which contains useful  
common filters which act on RasterArray and Raster objects.
Filters include Brighten, Contrast, GammaCorrection, Flat, Rotate,  
Inverse, RandomShift, Matrix, and a OneToOne filter for filtering  
discrete channel values.  These filters will be able to work on All  
or individual channels in the image.

Very soon I'll have them sent off to MathSource and let you know when  
they have been sent.  

Jeff Adams
jeff at    NeXTMail accepted
Told in a Garden.

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