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v2.2.2 for Windows and remote kernels

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  • Subject: v2.2.2 for Windows and remote kernels
  • From: p.kent at
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jun 94 21:11:24 +0100

Dear MathGroup, 

I've been experimenting with connecting a remote (Unix) kernel to the
new 2.2.2 Front End in Windows, via Sun's PC-NFS software. Setting the
FE to "listen" and the remote kernel to "connect" works well, but I
haven't yet succeeded in making the reverse configuration (remote as
listen, FE as connect) work---the FE claims to make a link, and after
a minute or so the link dies.

I'm wondering how automated the connection process can be made,
ideally one wants it to be just like the Macintosh link (which is
totally automatic), but maybe PC-NFS, and similar products, aren't up
to it? It's possible to execute an "rsh" command from the PC to start
the remote kernel, I've done that as the user's guide suggests; and
putting that in the "Command" field of the Kernel definition box is a
first step to automating the process. But how far can one go from
there? And by what routes? (batch files in the Command field?
MathLink'ed programs in Windows?)

I'd be interested to hear other people's experiences, or just plausible 
ruminations, on the subject [PC-NFS is what I'm stuck with, so reports 
that other software works a lot better will be nice to hear, but not 
much use practically].

Regards, Phillip Kent.

 Dr Phillip Kent                  | Email: p.kent at 
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