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re: From Mathematica to Gnuplot

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 94 10:49:10 EDT

Johannes Idso <JOHANNES-IDSO at> wrote:

>I want to import graphs from Mathematica into a LeTeX
>document. Since my dvips-program does not accept
>import of pictures in postscript, I want to do this:
>Save the graph made in Mathematica  as many points in
>an ASCII-file and then let Gnuplot read the ASCII-file and
>produce a new picture.
>How do I save the points of a graph?

In[]:=  p = Plot[ Sin[x], {x, 0, 2 Pi} ];
In[]:=  x = First[ First[ Cases[ p, Line[_], 20 ] ] ];
(* x is a list of the points *)
In[]:=  test = OpenWrite[ "g:\\test", FormatType -> OutputForm ];
(* opens the output file *)
In[]:=  Write[ test, #[[1]], ", ", #[[2]] ]& /@ Map[ FortranForm, x, {2} ];
(* I'm assuming you want exponents written Fortran-style, and I'm using
   a comma and a space to separate abscissa and ordinate - you can substitute
   a tab or whatever *)   
In[]:=  Close [test ];

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