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RESULTS of [mg 169] - InputString[] problem

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  • Subject: [mg209] RESULTS of [mg 169] - InputString[] problem
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 14:26:13 GMT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my posting. A few days
later I got a response from WRI Technical Support which 
seems to clear up the matter. 

The problem is with "System V"-style Unix and a *network*
Mathematica license. The license mechanism works by enquiring
every few minutes during a Mathematica session whether the
license is still valid (clever stuff, eh?). Now, when the 
kernel is sitting waiting for an input for InputString[], it
is still querying the license server, and in System V Unix,
the license server sends back a response which triggers the
"EndOfFile" break. This has been registered by WRI as a bug,
and a fix is being worked on.

You won't see this problem with BSD-type Unix, or if you
have a stand-alone Mma license, or if you're using any front
dialog box). Nor will it occur on NeXT, Mac or PC machines.

The Unix machines where this was observed to happen are:

 Sun SOLARIS (but not SunOS)
 HP Unix
 Silicon Graphics IRIX

and, presumably, any other System V-based Unix.

Regards, Phillip Kent.

 Dr Phillip Kent                  | Email: p.kent at 
 Transitional Mathematics Project | 
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