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Re: Assume you Declare ...

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  • Subject: [mg203] Re: [mg151] Assume you Declare ...
  • From: Richard Mercer <richard at>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 08:40:03 -0500

>  Why is it that Mma still does not have any proper
>  mechanism for Assuming[a>b] or Declaring[a,Positive] or
>  Declaring[{n,m,k},Integer]. For some years ago I wrote
>  a package named Declare.m that tries to do it. It was
>  partly succesfull, but also became evident that it really
>  should be WRI's job because the package could easily
>  interfere with the rest of Mma is care is not taken. In
>  other words, one should have inside knowledge of Mma in
>  order to program a fully working Declare.m, and the kernel
>  developers should adopt certain conventions in order to
>  keep future versions working in harmony with Declare.

>  I attended a symbolic algebra workshop recently and it
>  became clear that this is the most striking drawback of
>  Mathematica.

>  Pekka

This is a very parochial point of view! The competition for the honor
of "most striking drawback" is intense... I could easily list 10 items
I consider more important; but what else do you expect from a program
that everyone apparently thinks is supposed to do everything, the way they want  
it, and right now? It was actually written by a relatively small number of  
dedicated and (so I hear) underpaid people, and it's amazing that it does
as much as it does. 

Still, it *would* be nice...

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