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answers to regress

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  • Subject: [mg237] answers to regress
  • From: calman at (Jack Calman STH x4398)
  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 09:44:38 -0500

Here are two answers I got after posting the following questions,
once to MathGroup, and once to WRI:

 Two questions about Statistics`LinearRegression`Regress:

Data can be fit by, for example,

Regress[data, {1, x, x^2}, {x}, OutputList -> {ParameterTable,
ConfidenceIntervalTable}, OutputControl -> NoPrint]

which fits the data to  a second degree polynomial, and gives many of 
the error statistics of interest. BUT:

1) The output comes in the form of several tables, and looks like:

ParameterTable -> ....(table of numbers and text)...

ConfidenceIntervalTable -> ...(another table of numbers and text)...

Here is the first question:

How can the various numbers in the tables on the right side be 
extracted for use as variables, for example as inputs to 
Graphics`Graphics`ErrorListPlot ?

2) How can one control the word wrap or line width in the 
ParameterTable or other tabular output. The line breaks or 
wraps while there is still plenty of room on the screen (even
if I reformat the cell to use a smaller font), and the table
is then very hard to read ?

Thank you MathGroupers. This is my first posting.

Jack_Calman at

Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University
Laurel, MD 

 I would like the output of Regress to be in a smaller font and
a larger line width so that the table it produces fits and looks
nice on the page. I tried changing the output cell's font and
word wrap parameters but they did not change anything. Then I tried
FontFormat[regressoutput, {"Courier", 8}], but that didn't work either.
I suspect there is some option possible in Regress. Can you tell me
how to do it?

 Thank you very much,

 Jack_Calman at

From forest at Wed Nov  2 11:16 EST 1994
To: calman at (Jack Calman STH x4398)
Subject: Re: Regress
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Content-Length: 613

In answer to one of your questions, here is one way to use the output parameters.

output = Regress[data, {1, x, x^2}, {x}, OutputList -> {ParameterTable,
ConfidenceIntervalTable}, OutputControl -> NoPrint] ];
paramtable = ParameterTable /. output;
cit = ConfidenceIntervalTable /. output;

I can't help much on the other.  The only thing I can think of is setting the page
 width differently using the rulers or through PageLayout.  If you are using a
notebook interface, this should be easy.  Else???

Good luck.

Chris Forest
forest at

Center for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography,  MIT.
Answer from WRI:

Thank you for your email.

I launched a copy of Mathematica V2.2.2 for Windows and tried a
sample regression.  I got an answer much like I expected to.  I
then selected the output cell, and pulled down the Font item from
the Style menu.  I changed the font to 8 pt. and it worked just
fine.  The output from Regress was formatted to a smaller size.

If you have further questions, please write back with a detailed
description of what you have tried so far.

K.J. Paradise
Technical Support

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