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Problems with MeshRange in ListContourPlot3D: THE FIX

  • To: mathgroup at christensen.Cybernetics.NET
  • Subject: [mg250] Problems with MeshRange in ListContourPlot3D: THE FIX
  • From: dmwood at (David M. Wood)
  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 09:47:14 MST

Dear MathGroupers,
      I had reported a bug in the MeshRange option of ListContourPlot3D
(in the version shipped with Mathematica 2.2):

>>   I've had no success in using the MeshRange option of ListContourPlot3D.
>>The function browser (and inspection of the package ContourPlot3D.m itself) 
>>shows MeshRange as an explicit option for ListContourPlot3D, and ?MeshRange 
>>alleges that
>>"MeshRange is an option for ListPlot3D, SurfaceGraphics,
>>   ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot and related
>>   functions. MeshRange -> {{xmin, xmax}, {ymin, ymax}}
>>   specifies the range of x and y coordinates that
>>   correspond to the array of z values given.
>>  MeshRange -> Automatic uses integers determined by indices in the array."
>>Despite explicitly specifying, e.g., 
>>and verifying that xmin,xmax etc. were read in properly, I have never seen
>>anything except the default (Automatic) behavior, that is: x, y, and z
>>values are determined by their indices in the three-dimensional array from 
>>which I'm contouring.  (I'm otherwise delighted with the package.)  

>>Can anyone suggest a workaround, or identify what I'm doing wrong?

The FIX: get the corrected version from the Wolfram FTP site; those using
Web browsers can do this most easily: point your URL to
and select the following sequence of panels:

MathSource Electronic Library
  *Browse* MathSource using the NEW interface
         Three-Dimensional Contour Plots

and grab its contents

Incidentally, many thanks to the over a dozen people who replied to my query
about stripping Mathematica Notebooks of graphics and output.

David M. Wood           ||      Solid State Theory Group
dmwood at    ||      Branch 4510 
Phone: (303) 384-6642   ||      National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Fax:   (303) 384-6531   ||      1617 Cole Blvd., Golden, CO 80401-3393
No NeXTMail here please :(      

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