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Problems with MeshRange in ListContourPlot3D

  • To: mathgroup at christensen.Cybernetics.NET
  • Subject: [mg232] Problems with MeshRange in ListContourPlot3D
  • From: dmwood at (David M. Wood)
  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 94 21:35:20 MST

   Dear MathGroupers (sounds like a school of large, solitary, ciphering, 
bottom-feeding fish, so I think I'll abandon this salutation in the future):

   I've had no success in using the MeshRange option of ListContourPlot3D.
The function browser (and inspection of the package ContourPlot3D.m itself) 
shows MeshRange as an explicit option for ListContourPlot3D, and ?MeshRange 
alleges that

"MeshRange is an option for ListPlot3D, SurfaceGraphics,
   ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot and related
   functions. MeshRange -> {{xmin, xmax}, {ymin, ymax}}
   specifies the range of x and y coordinates that
   correspond to the array of z values given.
   MeshRange -> Automatic uses integers determined by indices in the array."

Despite explicitly specifying, e.g., 


and verifying that xmin,xmax etc. were read in properly, I have never seen
anything except the default (Automatic) behavior, that is: x, y, and z
values are determined by their indices in the three-dimensional array from 
which I'm contouring.  (I'm otherwise delighted with the package.)  

Can anyone suggest a workaround, or identify what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks!

David M. Wood           ||      Solid State Theory Group
dmwood at    ||      Branch 4510 
Phone: (303) 384-6642   ||      National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Fax:   (303) 384-6531   ||      1617 Cole Blvd., Golden, CO 80401-3393
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