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Re: a problem with an array

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  • Subject: Re: a problem with an array
  • From: Bill Graves <graves at>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 11:48:01 EDT

Jesus Rojo writes:
> I have a Module (in a Package) that say
> 		nombre[M_,N_]:=
> 		Module[{},
> 		(* M is for input and N for output *)
> 		N=Table[0.,{5}];
> 		Do[
> 		  N[[i]]=M[[i,i]]
> 		,{i,1,5}];
> 		.....................................
> 		]
> The first time that I run this, all in correct. But the next
> time an error happen.

I think it's a good idea to make the output variable "N" local to the
module, and have the module return "N".  Note the initialization of
N to an empty list and use of the AppendTo[] function.  Also note the
way "N" is returned.  The lack of a ";" before the closing bracket is

nombre[M_List] := Module[{N={}},
  Do[ AppendTo[N, M[[i,i]]], {i,1,5}];

Or an even more straightforward solution:

nombre[M_List] := Module[{N},
  N = Table[M[[i,i]], {i,5}];

..Bill Graves

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