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Axes Positioning in Plots

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  • Subject: Axes Positioning in Plots
  • From: rickli at (Martin Rickli)
  • Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 18:44:26 +0200

Dear readers,

For some time I'm struggling with all the different options of the Plot command.
I intend to do a very simple task (well, I thought it's simple ;-)


Draw a Bode diagram of a given transfer function, ie
magnitude plot and phase plot of f[s] /. s-> I w, {w,start, stop}.

The plot is simple, but now they should be lined up such that equal
x-values lie on a vertical line.


Tick numbers plotted 'outside' affect scaling of the graphics.
(The same is true if you use Frame->True )

  4 +
    | *
  2 +    * *
    |         *        *

      |    ****
 -200 +          *
      |           *
 -400 +             *


Manually find a suitable location for the axis ('inside' the PlotRange).
Is this the only way to go for?


Add a new option specifying if tick numbers should be 'inside' or 'outside'.
Allow options to GraphicsArray that are common to all those Graphics.
Add a Subplot command for such plots.

Comments and solutions are welcome.

Kind regards

Martin Rickli                           E-mail: Rickli at
Automatic Control Laboratory
ETH Zurich                              Physikstr. 3, ETL K12
CH-8092 Zurich,  Switzerland

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