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Seattle Mathematica Workshops -- Last Call

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  • Subject: [mg1900] Seattle Mathematica Workshops -- Last Call
  • From: wagner at bullwinkle.cs.Colorado.EDU (Dave Wagner)
  • Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 01:45:12 -0400
  • Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder

Principia Consulting is offering beginning, intermediate, and advanced
Mathematica(R) workshops. These workshops run the gamut from "2+2" all
the way to MathLink.  The instructor for all workshops is David B.
Wagner, Ph.D.

The following dates and locations are available.  Workshops run from
8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day.

       Seattle, WA		Workshop	    Los Angeles, CA
       ===========            ============          ===============
         Aug 22       Introduction to Mathematica	Sep 19
         Aug 23       Programming in Mathematica	Sep 20
         Aug 24       Performance Tuning / MathLink	Sep 21

    The Seattle workshop will be held at the Salish Lodge, an
    absolutely stunning resort just 30 minutes from downtown Seattle
    in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  The Salish Lodge is
    perched at the top of the spectacular Snoqualmie Falls.  (If you've
    ever seen the opening credits for David Lynch's "Twin Peaks",
    you've seen the Lodge and the Falls.) Hiking, bicycling, and
    sightseeing opportunities abound.  Plan to spend a few extra days
    if you are traveling to the Seattle workshop!

Fees: any 1-day workshop, $300; any two days, $550; all three days, $800.

Fees include the use of a computer running Mathematica for each
participant, workshop notes, floppy disks, writing materials,
continental breakfast each morning and snacks each afternoon.
(Lunch is not included.)

    **  Register and pay in full at least 3 weeks in advance **
    **  and receive the MathSource CD-ROM absolutely FREE!   **

For more information:

        Voice:      (303) 786-8371
        e-mail:     workshops at
	US mail:    3841 Orion Court, Boulder, CO 80304-1024

Please visit our WWW server and fill out our SURVEY FORM so that we can
bring the workshops you want to your "neighborhood" soon!  Or send
requests to the above e-mail address.

Workshops descriptions follow:

Introduction to Mathematica

Workshop Description

    This workshop surveys all non-programming aspects of Mathematica,
    including its user interface, numerical and symbolic calculation,
    and graphics. After completing this workshop you will be able to
    use Mathematica for interactive problem solving, and you will know
    where to look for additional information.


    System Basics
	The User Interface
	Mathematica Syntax
    Numerical Calculation
	Exact Numbers
	Approximate Numbers
	Numerical Functions
    Lists and Strings
	Generating Lists
	Operations on Lists
	Character Strings
    2-D Graphics
	2-D Function Plots
	Manipulating Graphics Objects
	2-D Data Plots
    3-D Graphics
	Surface, Contour, and Density Graphics
	3-D Parametric Plots
	3-D Data Plots
	Algebraic Manipulation
	Solving Equations
	Linear Algebra
	Matrix Operations
	Solving Linear Systems and Eigensystems
	Differential and Integral Calculus
	Differential Equations
	Power Series
    Data Analysis
	Curve Fitting and Interpolation
	Fourier Transforms
	Statistical Inference


    No Mathematica background is assumed. Participants should be
    comfortable working with a mouse-driven computer interface.

Programming in Mathematica

Workshop Description

    Mathematica has its own particular programming style that lends
    itself to the construction of elegant and efficient programs. In
    this workshop you will learn about: procedural, functional, and
    rule-based programming; writing packages; and data import and
    export.  After completing this workshop you will be able to create
    your own Mathematica functions and packages.


    Procedural Programming
	Function Definition
	Parameters and Type-Checking
	Local Variables
    Functional Programming
	Functional Operations
	Pure Functions
	The Structure of Expressions
    Rule-based Programming
	Pattern Matching and Substitution
	Functions as Rules
	Dynamic Programming
	Overriding Built-in Functions
    Writing Packages
	Information Hiding
	Saving & Restoring Expressions
	Low-level Output
	Importing Data
	Low-level Input


    A knowledge of Mathematica equal to that covered by our
    introductory workshop is assumed. Some experience programming in
    another computer language is recommended.

Performance Tuning / MathLink

Workshop Description

    This workshop teaches you how to create robust, efficient
    Mathematica packages that integrate seamlessly with the rest of the
    system. The first half of the workshop covers advanced topics such
    as debugging and performance-enhancement techniques. The second
    half of the workshop is devoted to MathLink, a cross-platform
    protocol for communicating with programs written in other
    programming languages.


    Evaluation of Expressions
	The Evaluation Process
	Tracing Evaluations
	Interactive Debugging
    Programming for Performance
	Working with Large Lists
	Compiling Mathematica Functions
	Calling Other Programs from Mathematica
	Calling Mathematica from Other Programs
	Mathematica for Microsoft Excel


    A solid understanding of the structure of Mathematica expressions
    (as covered in our programming workshop) is assumed.  Familiarity
    with the C programming language, at least at a rudimentary level,
    is a prerequisite for using MathLink.

Workshop Instructor
David B. Wagner received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the
University of Washington in 1989 and was a Professor of Computer
Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder until he founded
Principia Consulting in 1994. He is a regular contributor to the
Mathematica Journal and the comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica newsgroup,
and is the author of the forthcoming book, "Power Programming with
Mathematica" (McGraw-Hill, to appear in 4Q 1995).


    Payment terms: Checks or P.O.'s in advance; sorry, no credit
    cards.  Cancellation policy: At least two weeks before workshop,
    100% refund. Within 2 weeks of workshop: If we can find a
    replacement for you, 100% minus a $25 cancellation charge. If we
    cannot find a replacement, you receive a credit towards future
    workshops for the amount paid less $100 per workshop.

    o  No refunds or credits with less than 24 hours notice  o

(c) 1995 Principia Consulting

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