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ListPlot3D and Its Axes

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  • Subject: [mg1922] ListPlot3D and Its Axes
  • From: corless at (John D Corless)
  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 19:40:01 -0400
  • Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering

	I wish to make a 3D plot of some discretely sampled
data I have.  My data comes most coveniently as x,y,z triplets.
Now, the natural command to use is ListPlot3D.  However,
ListPlot3D wants its input to be a 2D array, namely the z values
evaluated on the grid of (equally) spaced points in the x,y
plane.  This shows me the shape of my data just fine, but I
would like to have my real x and y values on the axes.  How can
I do this?  Is there another plotting command that will let me
pass my triplets of points?  This would also negate the need for
equally spaced data.  Thanks for any suggestions.

John D. Corless
Institute of Optics                             (716) 275-8006 phone
University of Rochester                         (716) 244-4936 fax
Rochester, NY 14627                         corless at

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