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Re: ListPlot3D and Its Axes

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  • Subject: [mg1926] Re: [mg1922] ListPlot3D and Its Axes
  • From: hannibal at (Ludger Hannibal)
  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 22:30:48 -0400

> Hello.
> 	I wish to make a 3D plot of some discretely sampled
> data I have.  My data comes most coveniently as x,y,z triplets.
> Now, the natural command to use is ListPlot3D.  However,
> ListPlot3D wants its input to be a 2D array, namely the z values
> evaluated on the grid of (equally) spaced points in the x,y
> plane.  This shows me the shape of my data just fine, but I
> would like to have my real x and y values on the axes.  How can
> I do this?  Is there another plotting command that will let me
> pass my triplets of points?  This would also negate the need for
> equally spaced data.  Thanks for any suggestions.
> -John
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> John D. Corless
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> University of Rochester                         (716) 244-4936 fax
> Rochester, NY 14627                         corless at
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There is ScatterPlot3D[] and ListSurfacePlot[]
in the package Graphics`Graphics3D`
as described on p. 89 of the Guide to Standard Mma Packages.

Hope this helps, Ludger

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