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Re: Mathematica Graphics

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  • Subject: [mg1832] Re: [mg1784] Mathematica Graphics
  • From: Allan Hayes <hay%haystack at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 23:53:42 -0400

Jeff Benvenuti <benven at>
in [mg1784] Mathematica Graphics

> I have two questions about Mathematica
> 1)I can't save Mathematica graphics in files properly in order to 
> get them back afterwards on my HP screen. How can that be done?
> 2)How can one Animate Graphics on a HP?,ie plot successively
> Mathematica images as in a movie?

I hope that the following is of help.

Allan Hayes
De Montfort University Leicester
hay at

Saving Graphics

When we make the plot
plot0 = Plot[Sin[x], {x,0,2Pi}]

The output is lost when we quit Mathematica.
Often it is simpler, and even faster to regenerate the output by  
re-evaluating the input, but if you really need to store the output  
here are two ways.

1. Save in a separate file (convenient but you have to keep, and  
keep track of the file).


This can now be recovered


% == plot0
You may want to have a different location for the file.

2. Store in notebook (messy but it is part of the notebook)
A simple way is to
	* input the next cell
	* change the resulting print cell to an input cell (select;  
press Command+9) .

You may want to hide all this input by putting it in a closed group  
or by closing the cell (select, Command+ ;). But the latter  
technique results in a cell that is easilly overlooked.


On my NeXT the following works.


	Plot[Sin[x+ n Pi/10], {x, 0,2 Pi},PlotRange -> {-1,1}],
	{n,0, 19}

Close the resulting group of graphics; select its bracket; press   
Command + y.

	1. PlotRange -> {-1,1} is used to align the graphics properly.
	2.You could use Table in place of Do if you want to output  
the list of graphics objects for future use (eg for making into a  
graphics array)

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