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Re: Bug ListPlot?

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  • Subject: [mg2769] Re: Bug ListPlot?
  • From: larry_kearney at (Lawrence Kearney)
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 01:47:55 -0500
  • Organization: Applied Signal Technology

In article <4alt86$qah at>, wself at (Will
Self) wrote:

> A student of mine wanted to get plots of some data points.  He wanted
> to show the points large and connect them with lines. . Here is what he
> did:
> data={{1,1},{2,3},{3,2}}
> LogLogListPlot[data,GridLines -> Automatic,
> PlotStyle -> {PointSize[0.04]}]
> LogLogListPlot[data,GridLines -> Automatic,
> PlotStyle -> {PointSize[0.04]}, PlotJoined -> True]
> In the first plot, he got large points but in the second plot the large points
> were absent.  He is doing this on a PC.  I tried this also on a Macintosh and
> got the same behavior.  Would someone try it on somethihng else and see
> what happens?  Would you call this a bug in ListPlot?
> Will Self

I don't think this is a bug. The generic ListPlot function does not plot
points at the data locations either. In order to get the list to be
plotted with large points at the data locations, I would do the following:

g1 = LogLogListPlot[data,GridLines->Automatic,
   PlotStyle->{PointSize[0.04] },
   DisplayFunction -> Identity ];

g2 = LogLogListPlot[ data, GridLines->Automatic,
   PlotStyle -> {PointSize[0.04] },
   DisplayFunction -> Identity ];

Show[ {g1, g2}, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction ]

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