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RE: Re: Re: X-FrontEnd crashes upon certain keystrokes

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  • Subject: [mg2764] RE: [mg2756] Re: [mg2678] Re: X-FrontEnd crashes upon certain keystrokes
  • From: "John R. Fultz" <jfultz>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 01:47:01 -0500

You can prevent control characters from being typed as legal characters
by modifying the X front end's resource file.  Go to the FrontEnd directory
and look for a file called "XMathematica".  Look for a set of lines in it that

*Notebook.translations: #override \n\
<Btn1Up>: selection-put() \n\
<Btn2Down>: selection-get()

Change these lines to read:

*Notebook.translations: #override \n\
<Btn1Up>: selection-put() \n\
<Btn2Down>: selection-get() \n\
Ctrl<Key>a: \n\
Ctrl<Key>b: \n\
Ctrl<Key>c: \n\
Ctrl<Key>x: \n\
Ctrl<Key>y: \n\

Of course, where the colon is, you should continue typing in the Ctrl<Key>
sequence for each alphabetical character.

This doesn't fix any problems with notebooks that currently have control
characters embedded in them, but it does prevent you from adding
control characters (accidentally or otherwise) to your notebooks in the

John Fultz
Wolfram Research, Inc.

>From: 	 George Jefferson [SMTP:george at]
>To: mathgroup at
>Subject: 	[mg2756] Re: [mg2678] Re: X-FrontEnd crashes upon certain keystrokes

:Yes we had a lot of trouble with the Mathematica Front End on the SGI.
:We made some progress by working closely with Victoria Bush from WRI.
:Wolfram has to do a lot more to have a X- front end that is similiar to
:the Mac Front End.

I've run into a different bug in the sgi/x front end.  Various
control characters accidentally typed ( ^x say ) do not crash,
or show up on the screen display - but they do get sent
to the kernal resulting in the most bizarre errors.  I spent
a whole day debugging a simple notebook...finally a save-as-text
showed these unintentional control codes burried in the input..sigh.

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