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(fwd) INVITATION: Preregister for ICM98 !!! IMU and ICM98-servers in action

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  • Subject: [mg2620] (fwd) INVITATION: Preregister for ICM98 !!! IMU and ICM98-servers in action
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 20:58:49 -0500

The following announcement by Prof. Martin Groetschel I post to
several newsgroups asking readers for redistribution to interested

Rainer Schulze, postmaster at
Rainer Schulze                          PHONE: +49 30 / 89604-187
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer                EMAIL: Schulze at ZIB-Berlin.DE
Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)        FAX:   +49 30 / 89604-125      
Heilbronner Str. 10
D-10711 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

---------------------------cut here-----------------------------

November 24, 1995

>Subject: INVITATION: Preregister for ICM98 !!!
                     IMU and ICM98-servers in action

Dear colleague:

We believe that you might be interested in a new service that
has recently been set up for mathematicians around the world.

With a similar e-mail we have taken up our correspondence
with all those persons who have shown interest in the
international affairs of mathematics by preregistering for
International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM98) to be held
in Berlin, Germany from August 18 to 27, 1998. We will
regularly send information to preregistered persons about
progress in organizing ICM98 and about news concerning the
International Mathematical Union (IMU).

Please find below the copy of a letter that was sent recently
to all adhering organizations of IMU. This letter announces the
establishment of the IMU-server that we would like to play the
role of an international homepage of the world of mathematics.
How to access the IMU-server is described in the letter below.
We encourage you to distribute copies of this mail to your friends
and colleagues so that this new service becomes known by as many
mathematicians as possible.

If you have any questions concerning the server or the International
Mathematical Union please write to Jacob Palis, the IMU Secretary
(e-mail: imu at and/or to Martin Groetschel, President of the
ICM98 Organizing Committee (e-mail: groetschel at

The letter below also explains access to the ICM98-server. This
server has been in existence since summer 1994 and has been
restructured in the last few months. It will keep changing until
the International Congress of Mathematicians will take place in
Berlin from August 18 to 27, 1998. All news relevant for the
participants and those persons who are interested in this event
will be included in the server in the future. The most interesting
news will be distributed by e-mail to all mathematicians who have
preregistered. Thus, please inform all your friends and colleagues
interested in ICM98 about the existence of this server.

If you have any questions about ICM98 you can send an e-mail letter
to the following address:

                        icm98 at

E-mails sent to this address will reach the ICM98 secretariat and
will be distributed to the person in the Organizing Committee most
capable to answer the letter. But you can also look up the homepage
of the Organizing Committee in the ICM98-server where you can find
all currently existing committees and all members of the Organizing
Committee with e-mail, postal addresses and telephone and fax

We are looking forward to your preregistration!


Martin Groetschel       David Mumford           Jacob Palis


------circular letter to all adhering organizations of IMU --------

Dear Professor xxxxx,

We are writing on behalf of the International Mathematical Union to
draw your attention to a new initiative of putting the IMU on the World
Wide Web. The Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik in Berlin
(ZIB) has been working together with the Executive Committee of the IMU
to compose a ``home page'' for IMU. You can access this home page using
any of the standard Internet tools, such as Mosaic, Netscape, etc.
through the URL:

Gopher access is possible through the following address:


The IMU server can be accessed via telnet as follows:

   Login: imu
   no password required

We invite you to try this out and send us your comments.

We hope this WWW home page will serve several purposes. The first is to
inform all members of the international mathematical community of what
the IMU is doing. Secondly, they can find there descriptions of various
programs from which they can benefit:

   the IMU lectures,
   exchanges with the developing countries,
   conferences being sponsored, etc.

Thirdly, the IMU server is also a collection of data that everyone can
use to find the addresses of the main mathematical organizations of the
world. We are planning to extend the scope of the IMU server so that
it will become a true ``home page of the world of mathematics''. You
can already find a number of links to mathematical and mathematics
related information offered around the world. Just look at the ``Links
to the Mathematical World'' in the IMU server.

Fourthly, the IMU server will give everyone immediate access to the
latest information on the next International Congress (ICM98 in
Berlin), as well as the ability to preregister for this congress by the
WWW server of ICM98 that can be ``clicked'' in the IMU server or can be
directly accessed through the following URL:

The ICM98 server contains a forms page for ``preliminary
preregistration''. This is not a formal registration yet. Everybody
preregistered for ICM98 will be informed in the future automatically
about the progress of the organization of the congress by email and
will receive the final registration material etc. this way. Please
encourage your colleagues interested in ICM98 to preregister for the

Whoever does not have the possibility to use the advanced Internet
tools described above can send an email to the following address:

   icm98 at

and writing


into the SUBJECT line.

In the body of the mail the following information should be contained:

   Last Name:
   First and Middle Name:
   Phone Number:
   Fax Number:
   ZIP Code:

Every member country of IMU is listed in the IMU server. We have one
very specific request:

Can you examine the entry dealing with your country, and check whether
the names and addresses are correct? We want to make every effort to
keep this data collection up to date and correct. Of course we would be
happy if you could provide us with additional information that we could
add to the entry of your country. In particular, links to existing or
planned servers of mathematical societies, institutes etc. are most
welcome. The best way to inform us of any changes is to email us the
corrections and suggestions to

   ``groetschel at ZIB-Berlin.DE'', with a copy to ``imu at''.

We have a second request. We are aware of the fact that Internet
communication is sometimes slow due to network overload. We would
therefore be glad if some institution in your country would agree  to
mirror both the IMU and the ICM98 servers so that mathematicians in
your country have a faster and more comfortable access. Technical
details concerning this matter will be handled by the
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik in Berlin (ZIB). An
institution willing to mirror the servers should contact Martin
Groetschel (email: groetschel at

Finally we have a third request. We would be happy if you could
distribute the information contained in this letter to the
mathematicians in your society and your country in whatever form you
find appropriate (emailing a copy of this letter to interested
colleagues, a note about this letter in your newsletter, etc.).

Sincerely yours,

Martin Groetschel (President of the ICM98 Organizing Committee
                   and Vice-President of ZIB)
David Mumford     (IMU President)
Jacob Palis       (IMU Secretary)


Martin Groetschel
fuer Informationstechnik
Heilbronner Str. 10
D-10711 Berlin
Phone: +49/30/89604-210
                   -208 (secr.)
                   -125 (fax)
E-Mail: groetschel at

David Bryant Mumford
Dept. of Mathematics
Harvard University
Science Center, One Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: +1 617 495-5487
Fax: +1 617 495 5132
E-Mail: mumford at

Jacob Palis
Instituto Matem=E1tica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA)
Estrada Dona Castorina 110
Jardim Botanico
22460-320 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Phone: +55 21-511 1749 or 21-294 9447
Fax: +55 21-512 4112 or 21-512 4115
E-Mail: jpalis at or imu at

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