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Mma speed trials (Win'95)

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  • Subject: [mg2832] Mma speed trials (Win'95)
  • From: Richard Morey Porter <rmporter at>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 03:18:34 -0500

Hello all

Happy Yule!

Had a few spare moments, so I thought I'd do the speed trials on my =
machine.  It would appear to be underperforming (or at best performing =
inconsistently). Is this my imagination?  Am I merely quibbling over =
nanoseconds?  I thought 16MB RAM would be enough, but my P-100 seems to =
be outpaced by lower speed 486s running on 16MB.  Is Win'95 vs. MMa =
front-end really slowing things down this much, that I am effectivly =
running a 486 between 33 and 75 MHz?

Anyone else experiencing a similar wholesale drop in performance?

Machine Specs:

Pentium, 100 MHz, 16MB RAM, Win'95 (Monitor: 800x600, 256, 1MB; MMa =
2.2.4 student version)



	 0.164 seconds


	16.074 seconds

hil =3D Table[1/(i+j-1), {i,30}, {j,30}];

	11.144 seconds


	19.674 seconds


	 2.76  seconds


	27.463 seconds


	 9.941 seconds


	 4.844 seconds

Timing[ParametricPlot3D[{r Cos[Cos[r]]Cos[psi], r Cos[Cos[r]]Sin[psi],r
Sin[Cos[r]]},{r,0.001,9Pi/2+0.001}, {psi,0,3Pi/2},PlotPoints->{72,24}]]

	32.676 seconds

bx =3D 6 Cos[u] (1 + Sin[u]);by =3D 16 Sin[u];rad =3D 4 (1 - Cos[u] / =
X =3D If[Pi < u <=3D 2 Pi, bx + rad Cos[v + Pi], bx + rad Cos[u] =
Y =3D If[Pi < u <=3D 2 Pi, by,by + rad Sin[u] Cos[v]];
Z =3D rad Sin[v];
Timing[ParametricPlot3D[{X, Y, Z},{u, 0, 2 Pi}, {v, 0, 2 Pi},PlotPoints =
-> {48,12},Axes -> False,Boxed -> False,ViewPoint-> {1.4, -2.6, -1.7}];]

	25.217 seconds


richard morey porter, graduate student, RESECON administrator
forest economics and policy analysis, university of british columbia
LPC Rm.480, 2206 east mall, vancouver, bc canada v6t 1z3

telephone: 604-822-3173 (office) or 604-228-8818 (home)
facsimile: 604-822-6970 (office)
email:     <rmporter at> or <r.morey.porter at>

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"Take Chances!  Make Mistakes!  Get Messy!" - Miss Frizzle
"Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate!" - Prisoners' Chorus, Nabucco, Act 3

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