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Re: Mma under Win95 (slow...)?

  • Subject: [mg2803] Re: Mma under Win95 (slow...)?
  • From: alexander.otte at (Alexander Otte)
  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 00:42:41 -0500
  • Approved:
  • Distribution: local
  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG

smithl at (Leigh Smith) wrote:

>1.  Comparing execution times for the same calculations, v.2.2.3 under
>Win95 can be as much as 4 times slower(!) than under Win3.1 or Linux (I
>haven't yet tried Win NT).  I assume this must be due to residual 16 bit
>stuff in the kernel or the *16.mll mathlink dll?

You can speed up Mma under Win95 to almost the speed under
Win3.1 or Linux by just installing another Mathlink program. Try using
the program called addtwo from the MathLink Developer Kit or write 
your own little dummy program. Of course you can also use a commercial
program like MathLive (True-D Software). 
The best way to install it is in the init.m file.

>2.  We haven't yet been able to run a remote mathematica kernel from the
>front end under Win95 (it works fine under Win3.1).  We've installed the
>local .mll file.  Is there a new tcp*.mll file needed as well?  Has anyone
>successfully connected to a remote kernel over TCPIP?

No, you don't need a new mltcp*.mll file. Using the winsock and dialer
that comes with Win95 you have to take care of the following:
- You have got  to go online before you can install the TCP protocol
- Use your Remote IP-Address in the link name (the one  Mma 
  shows you may be nonsense)
Doing this, everything will work fine.

>3.  We've suspected that occasionally files can be corrupted when being
>saved.  Unfortunately, it's really sporadic and we haven't been able to
>pin down the conditions under which it happens.

I'm glad I don't have this problem yet! Maybe it is related to the
fact that the frontend doesn't feel comfortable with the new
filesystem under Win95 (long filenames, ...)

Another problem under Win95 is interrupting the kernel from the
frontend. You can do this by selecting the kernel from the task bar
and pressing the well known short-cut  ALT GR + . 
Switching back to the frontend you will see the interrupt menu.

Using these hints it is (hopefully) possible to use Mma under Win95
without getting upset every 5 minutes...

  Alexander Otte                                  
  Department of Physics                         
  University of Stuttgart, Germany
  E-mail: alexander.otte at

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