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Re: Shortening Polynomials

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  • Subject: [mg415] Re: [mg413] Shortening Polynomials
  • From: Count Dracula <lk3a at>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 12:50:25 -0500

 "Corcoran" == Stephen Corcoran <corcoran> writes:

    Corcoran> Dear Mathgroupers,

    Corcoran> Is there a neater way to collect powers up to order m after
    Corcoran> expanding a polynomial?

Define a function f by:

f[poly_, q_, m_] := Take[CoefficientList[poly, q], m+1] . (q^Range[0, m])

Then, for example,

In[10]:= poly = q^5 + q^7 + 8 q^2 + 9999 q^10;m = 5;

In[11]:= f[poly, q, m]

             2    5
Out[11]= 8 q  + q
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