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Re: 3D Axes Label & bounding box of graphics [help]

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  • Subject: [mg1739] Re: [mg1704] 3D Axes Label & bounding box of graphics [help]
  • From: John Fultz <jfultz>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 00:43:03 -0400

> When I set AxesLabel->True and Axes->True in a Graphics3D environment
> the axes label and the tick label overwrite each other.  I need to 
> correct this, but haven't found anyway to tell Mathematica where 
> to position the AxesLabels.
> So I figure that I would use Text to place my own axes labels.  The 
> problem is that to get the labels to not overlap I place the 
> axes labels outside the graphics bounding box for the figure and 
> although the Text appears on the video display, but doesn't appear
> when I print to a ps file or ps printer.
> I have this problem on Mathematica 2.2 running on Sun OS and Solaris.
> I really need to get this resolved since the graph is to published 
> in a paper that is to be submitted SOON.
> Suggestions eagerly awaited.
> mike
> -- 
> 	Michael John Bergmann	919-660-2547	(home) 956-8439
> 	Dept. of Physics box 90305, Duke University
> 	Durham, NC 27708-0305

You can use FullGraphics; FullGraphics takes all options, such as
tick marks, axes labels, plot labels, and so on, and represents them
as graphics primitives.  So, you can edit the Mathematica expression
for the graphic, find the Text primtive which represents your axes
labels, and move it.  You can also add stuff outside the axes, since
the axes are now only line primitives.

One warning when using FullGraphics, however; FullGraphics destroys
the mechanism Mathematica uses to ensure that all labels appear inside
the boundaries of the plot; therefore, you might need to extend the
PlotRange to ensure that all of the tick and axes labels actually show
up on the graphic and don't get clipped off.

FullGraphics is documented in the book.

John Fultz
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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