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Re: Windows front end & remote kernel

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  • Subject: [mg1746] Re: [mg1694] Windows front end & remote kernel
  • From: Marcelo de Almeida Bueno - pos <bueno at>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 00:44:17 -0400

> I've just installed Mathematica 2.2.3 for Windows, which I got through the
> UW site license.  I installed it and got it to work fine with the local
> kernel, but now I'm trying to use a remote kernel on my departmental machine, 
> with Trumpet Winsock.  The first time I tried it, I already had an IP 
> connection established (through a EWAN telnet window).  
> Mathematica dutifully connected to the remote machine, and gave me the
> message indicating it had established a link with the remote kernel, but
> the kernel never responded to my Mathematica commands.
> Now I'm just trying to get it to run locally again, and I'm having very
> strange problems.  I've got the default connection set to LOCAL, but
> whenever I try to start up the kernel it unnacountably starts up Winsock
> and tries to establish a connection with my remote computer.  What's worse,
> whenever I click on the "protocols" button or the "edit" button in the
> kernels dialog box, it freezes the entire Mathematica window (if I try to
> click anywhere, I just get a "ding"), and Trumpet Winsock starts up
> automatically.  What the heck is going on?
> -- 
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Of course this is not the ideal solution to your problem, but at the moment
is what I have to say to help you:

1 - If you do not have to access a remote kernel, reinstall the Mathematica
and let just the option LOCAL in protocol options in KERNELS's dialog box.

2 - If you have to use a remote kernel, you could use the Microsoft's TCP/IP
software instead of the Trumpet's one. I had the same problem as yours with 
Trumpet's TCP/IP, but till I have tried the bugs mentioned above do not
happen with Microsoft's TCP/IP.

Good luck,

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