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Re: META-Question: Object-oriented graphics in MMA?

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  • Subject: [mg1593] Re: META-Question: Object-oriented graphics in MMA?
  • From: rak at (Richard Kirk)
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 03:26:04 -0400
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Zorro <berriz at> writes:

>Hi.  I'm not familiar with Mathematica programming, so I'm not sure
>how feasible the following is.  I would like to program simple 3D
>objects (spheres of a fixed radius, and long cylinders or boxes, also
>of fixed dimensions), so that I can easily "place" them in 3D space
>(by specifying only a few positioning parameters for each object), and
>display them using the standard Mathematica 3D viewing facilities.  Is
>this a reasonable thing to attempt with MMA?

It's easy enough but it doesn't really use Mathematica much.  If you
want to fill & render 3-D objects there are packages that do just that
and allow you to fly around them in real time.  I wouldn't learn 
Mathematica from scratch if that's all you want to do.

>If so, what should I read to learn how?  I flipped through the MMA
>manual (by Wolfram) in the bookstore, but I didn't find anything that
>looked like OO graphics programming.  Besides, every time I've
>referred to this manual, I've found it very frustrating (lots of
>information, but somehow I can never find what I want).  So, if this
>is *still* the best reference for what I want to do, I would very much
>appreciate directions to the relevant part(s) of the book.

Look at sections 2.9.8 (Three Dimensional Graphics Primatives), and
                 2.9.9 (Three Dimensional Graphics Directives), for
an example of how to display a list of 3-D objects.  If you have the
'Guide to Standard Mathematica Packages' look at the bit on the
Graphics`Polyhedra` library.


Richard Kirk                      01483-448869 (phone)  01483-448845 (fax)
Canon Research Europe Ltd,                              rak at

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