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Re: Putting Mathematica Graphics into TeX or LaTeX?

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  • Subject: [mg1775] Re: Putting Mathematica Graphics into TeX or LaTeX?
  • From: bauer at (Bauer Sebastian)
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 00:57:52 -0400
  • Organization: Lehrstuhl B fuer Mechanik, Technical University Munich

In article <DC3IE0.HMw at>, Ryan McMahon <mcmahon at> writes:
|> Does anyone know how to take a graphic image
|> in mathematica and get a postscript copy of it
|> so that is may be used in LaTeX?

If you are using a frontend under X-Windows, just select the
graphic with the mouse, and paste it into a file.

On SUN Solaris there is the function xv_get_sel, with which you
can redirect the selection (the graphic in the Mathematica
frontend) into a file (select the graphic in the frontend, go into
a terminal-window, i.e. xterm, without selecting by mistake anything
else and write there "xv_get_sel > file.eps"). Or you can
generally open an editor-window (i.e. in emacs), paste the selection
(usually with the middle or right mouse button) and save the window
as file.eps. There is no need to use psfix - the frontend is using 
standard PostScript code for graphics. Other then by using the
Mathematica Display-Command with psfix later on, the BoundingBox is

In the NeXTSTEP version of the frontend, creating the eps-file
is even easier: Copy the selected graphic (Cmd-c), then do 
"Convert Pasteboard" (?) (Cmd-m) and save the graphics from that
panel (in the moment I am sitting in front of the SUN at work and
not at the NeXTstation at home, so the names of the commands may
be incorrect).

The second method is - as discribed in the Mathematica-Book -
to do i.e.

myGraphic = Plot[...];
Display["!psfix -epsf > file.eps", myGraphic];

This runs the graphics produced by the Plot-command (or any other
command) through psfix and puts that into the file "file.eps" in the
current directory (set with SetDirectory["..."] in Mathematica).

I have the feeling, that there is a bug in psfix or it is doing the
following intentionally, but anyway, it doesn't set the BoundingBox of
the eps-file to the boundaries of the graphics as it is shown in the
frontend. So in my opinion the first method by using the select and
paste of X-Windows (or the Convert Pasteboard menu-item in the
NeXTSTEP frontend) is much better.

Sebstian Bauer <bauer at>
Institute B for Mechanics, Technical University of Munich

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