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Re: Printing

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  • Subject: [mg1781] Re: [mg1754] Printing
  • From: Richard Mercer <richard at>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jul 1995 21:35:15 -0400

>  OK, so I've got a notebook that generates big lists of
>  plots from input data files.  There are a variable number
>  of plots (polar list plots) genrerated from each file.
>  What I want to do is print them out in such a way that
>  I get consistently sized plots on the page.  But, I don't
>  want to have just a single plot per page.  What I'm doing
>  now is using GraphicsArray and then spitting out to a
>  .ps file with the Display[] commmand.  Works fine - except
>  that the plots are sized so that they all fit onto a
>  single page.  This is fine when there are only a few
>  plots, but when a file generates a large number of plots
>  each plot is unreadably small.  Ideally, I would like to
>  have a consistent number - say five - of plots per page
>  and have each plot be the same size.  I'd like to
>  automatically generate a page break when then number of
>  plots exceeded the desired number/page so that a table
>  of 15 plots would print out over 3 pages.

>  Any ideas?  Seems like there's got to be a straight
>  forward way of doing this in Mathematica w/o having to
>  go in and do all of the calculations as to table size
>  and file manipulation explicitly.


What you need to do is decide how many graphs you want to have in each graphics  
array (i.e. page, if I understand you), then generate multiple GraphicsArray  
objects when you exceed this number.
Here's a brief hack that will show you what I mean. You will undoubtedly have  
to clean it up a bit.
Assume that you want mxn graphics arrays and your graphs are stored in a list  
assigned to the variable "rest".

While[rest =!= {},
  num = Min[m*n,Length[rest]];
  {current,rest} = {Take[rest,num],Drop[rest,num]};

Richard Mercer

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