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AAECC 11 - Final Notice

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 23:54:24 -0400


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{\Huge AAECC 11}
Paris, July 17-21, 1995
The Eleventh International Symposium on\\[20pt]
Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms\\[20pt]
and Error Correcting Codes}
{\it This document is a rough translation of the original {\tt html}
page available at
A Postcript version of this document is also by ftp anonymous on in pub/aaecc/

\item Error Correcting Codes, Theory and Applications
\item Algebraic Algorithms
\item Computational Methods and Complexity Issues in Computational Algebra
  and Geometry
\item Cryptography and Security

Papers connecting the above topics are particularly encouraged,
especially papers devoted to Symbolic Computation methods for
Algebro-Geometric Codes or the combination of the methods of symbolic
computation and those of cryptography and error-correcting codes.

\centerline{\large{\bf SUNDAY 16 afternoon and evening}}
A welcome drink for the participants at the Hotel Comfort Inn Al\'esia

\centerline{\large{\bf MONDAY 17}}
9h   &  9h35 &  Registration and welcome of the participants\\
9h35 &  9h40 & Welcome address\\
     &        &   \\
9h40 &  10h40 & Invited talk\\
              & &{\sf A. Kerber}: \\
&&              {\it Chemical Isomerism, a Challenge for Algebraic
              Combinatorics and for} \\ &&{\it Computer Science. }\\
10h40 & 11h &  Break\\
11h &   11h35 & {\sf A. Betten, A. Kerber, A. Kohnert, R.
Laue, A. Wassermann}:\\
              &&{\it The Discovery of Simple 7-Designs with Automorphism Group
              $P\Gamma L(2,32)$.} \\
11h40 & 12h15& {\sf P. Schapira}: \\
&&              {\it Tomography of Constructible Functions.}\\
12h20&  14h &  Lunch\\
14h &   14h35& {\sf P.-V. Koseleff}:\\
             &&{\it About Approximations of Exponentials.}\\
14h40 & 15h15& {\sf Q.L. Nguyen, D.H. Wood:}\\
        &&      {\it Displacements of Matrix Products.}\\
15h20 &  15h55& {\sf I. Bocharova, B.D. Kudryashov:}\\
        &&      {\it Fast Exponentation in Cryptography.}\\
16h  &  16h35& {\sf H. Hong}:\\
          &&    {\it Implicitization of Curves Parameterized by Generalized}\\
          &&    {\it     Trigonometric Polynomials.}\\
16h40 & 17h &  Break\\
17h &   17h25& {\sf F. Rouillier, M.-F. Roy, A. Szpirglas}:\\
&&              {\it Multivariate Symmetric Functions and Polynomial System
17h30 &  17h55& {\sf F. Rebufat:}\\
&&              {\it Somme de Minkowski de Deux Polygones Courbes Convexes en
18h&    18h25& {\sf J. F. Ragot:}\\
              &&{\it A Method of Absolute Factorization of Polynomials in Two
              Variables over Q.}\\ && {\it Improvement and Implementation.}\\
18h40& & {Recent results session}\\
\centerline{\large{\bf TUESDAY 18}}\vspace{0.2in}

9h &    10h &  Invited talk\\
       &&       {\sf I. Honkala:} \\
        &&      {\it On Algebraic Methods in Covering Radius Problems.}\\
10h &   10h20& Break\\
10h20&  10h55& {\sf M. Harada, V.D. Tonchev:}\\
     &&         {\it Singly-Even Self-Dual Codes and Hadamard Matrices.}\\
11h  &  11h35& {\sf G. Hach\'e:}\\
      &&       {\it  Algebraic-Geometric Codes.}\\
11h40 & 12h15& {\sf F. Levy-dit-Vehel, S. Litsyn:}\\
        &&      {\it On the Covering Radius of Long Goppa Codes}\\
12h20&  14h &  Lunch\\
14h  &  14h35& {\sf T. Beth, H. Kalouti, D.E. Lazic:}\\
      &&        {\it Which Families of Long Binary Linear Codes Have a
      &&        {\it Weight Distribution? }\\
14h40&  15h15 &{\sf H. Fripertinger, A. Kerber:}\\
         &&     {\it Isometry Classes of Indecomposable Linear Codes.}\\
15h20 & 15h55& {\sf P. Boyvalenkov, I. Landgev:}\\
       &&       {\it On Maximal Spherical Codes I.}\\
16h  &  16h35 &{\sf P. Sol\'e:}\\
       &&       {\it D$_4$, E$_6$, E$_8$ and the AGM.}\\
16h40 & 17h &  Break\\
17h  &  17h25& {\sf B. Durairajan:}\\
     &&         {\it A Note on Covering Radius of MacDonald Codes.}\\
17h30&  17h55& {\sf J. Iwatani, H. Imai:}\\
     &&         {\it Code Construction for Frequency Hopping Multiple Access}\\
    &&          {\it Communication Systems.}\\
18h  &  18h25 &{\sf Y.K. Li, Deng, Hirota, Hsu, Tsao:}\\
      &&        {\it A Note on Loeloeian-Conan's Lower Bound on Minimum}\\
      &&        {\it Distance of Goppa Codes.}\\
19h30&&{\bf Social Dinner at the Eiffel Tower}
\centerline{\large{\bf WEDNESDAY 19}}\vspace{0.2in}
9h &    10h &  Invited talk\\
     &&         {\sf A. Schoenhage: }\\
     &&         {\it Bivariate Polynomial Multiplication Patterns.}\\
10h  &  10h20& Break\\
10h20 & 10h55& {\sf M. Giusti, J. Heintz, J.E. Morais, L.M. Pardo:}\\
         &&     {\it When Polynomial equation Systems Can Be
``Solved'' Fast?}\\
11h  &  11h35& {\sf J. Apel: }\\
      &&        {\it Division of Entire Functions by Polynomial Ideals. }\\
11h40 & 12h15& {\sf G. Matera: }\\
      &&        {\it Integration of Multivariate Rational Functions Given by}\\
      &&        {\it Straight-line Programs.}\\
12h20 & 14h &  Lunch\\
14h  &  14h35& {\sf L. Gonz\'alez-Vega, G. Trujillo:}\\
       &&       {\it Using Symmetric Functions to Describe the
Solution Set of}\\
     &&         {\it a Zero-Dimensional Ideal.}\\
14h40 & 15h15& {\sf M. Moreno Maza, R. Rioboo:}\\
         &&     {\it Polynomial Gcd Computations over Towers of Algebraic
              Extensions. }\\
15h20&  15h55& {\sf H.G. Graebe:}\\
       &&       {\it Triangular Systems and Factorized Groebner Bases.}\\
16h   & 16h35 &{\sf P. Conti, C. Traverso:}\\
       &&      {\it  A Case of Automatic Theorem Proving in Euclidean
       &&       {\it the Maclane $8_3$ Theorem.}\\
16h40 & 17&   Break\\
17h  &  17h25& {\sf G.L. Feng, M.S. Kolluru, T.R.N. Rao:}\\
      &&        {\it An Errasures-and-Errors Decoding Algorithm for
              Algebraic-Geometric Codes.}\\
17h30 & 17h55& {\sf V.B. Balakirsky:}\\
   &&           {\it On Interval Linear Complexity of Binary Sequences.}\\
18h &   18h25& {\sf P. Veron:}\\
        &&      {\it An Identification Scheme Based on Trace Operator.}\\
\centerline{\large{\bf THURSDAY 20}}\vspace{0.2in}
9h  &   10h  & Invited talk\\
      &&        {\sf L. M. Pardo: }\\
      &&        {\it How Lower and Upper Complexity Bounds Meet in Elimination
              Theory. }\\
10h  &  10h20& Break\\
10h20 & 10h55& {\sf I. Armendariz, P. Solerno: }\\
      &&        {\it On the Computation of the Radical of Polynomial
       &&        {\it         Intersection Ideals. }\\
11h  &  11h35& {\sf A. Valibouze: }\\
     &&         {\it Computation of the Galois Groups of the Resolvant
     &&         {\it for the Direct and Inverse Galois Problem. }\\
11h40 & 12h15& {\sf A. Colin: }\\
        &&      {\it Formal Computation of Galois Groups with Relative
             Resolvent Polynomials. }\\
12h20 & 14h&   Lunch\\
14h  &  14h35 &{\sf J.A. Weil:}\\
      &&        {\it First Integrals and Darboux Polynomials of Homogeneous}\\
      &&        {\it          Linear Differential Systems.}\\
14h40 & 15h15& {\sf A. P\'eladan-Germa:}\\
        &&      {\it Testing Identities of Series Defined by Algebraic}\\
    &&        {\it            Partial Differential Equations.}\\
15h20 & 15h55 &{\sf J.A. Shih:}\\
     &&         {\it On the Determination of Formal Solution of a System of}\\
       &&         {\it        Partial Differential Equations.}\\
16h  &  16h35& {\sf B. Sadik:}\\
      &&        {\it The Complexity of Formal Resolution of Linear Partial
              Differential Equations.}\\
16h40 & 17h  & Break\\
17h  &  17h25& {\sf B. Peirani:}\\
      &&        {\it Linear Codes with Asymptotic Normal Weight
17h30 & 17h55& {\sf G. Cooperman, L. Finkelstein:}\\
      &&        {\it Cayley Graph Techniques for Permutation Routing on Bus}\\
      &&        {\it          Interconnection Networks .}\\
18h   & 18h25& {\sf S.B. Encheva:}\\
        &&      {\it Constructions of Binary Linear Codes Which
Satisfy }\\
 &&        {\it the Two-Way Chain Condition.}\\
\centerline{\large{\bf FRIDAY 21}}\vspace{0.2in}
9h    & 10h  & Invited talk\\
        &&      {\sf L. A. Bassalygo: }\\
        &&      {\it Supports of a Code.}\\
10h &   10h20& Break\\
10h20 & 10h55& {\sf S. Sakata, M. Kurihara:}\\
 &&             {\it A Fast Parallel Implementation of the Berlekamp-Massey.}\\
 &&             {\it Algorithm with a One-D Systolic Array Architecture.}\\
11h  &  11h35& {\sf Y. Kamiya, T. Miki, Y.Iwadare:}\\
        &&      {\it Randomness Properties of Partial $\gamma$-$\beta$
    &&          {\it as LSI Test Inputs and their Implementations..}\\
11h40 & 12h15 &{\sf J. Lacan, E. Delpeyroux:}\\
      &&        {\it A Note on Normal Bases.}\\
12h20 & 14h &  Lunch\\
14h   & 14h35& {\sf E. Kolev:.}\\
       &&       {\it Mixed Covering Codes with Two Binary and Four Ternary
              Coordinates. }\\
14h40 & 15h15& {\sf A. Ashikhmin, A. Barg, G. Cohen, L. Huguet: }\\
       &&       {\it   Variations on Minimal Codewords in Linear Codes.}



\subsection{Conference Committee}
T. Beth (Karlsruhe)\\
J. Calmet (Karlsruhe)\\
G. Cohen (Paris)\\
M. Giusti (Palaiseau)\\
J. Heintz (Buenos Aires - Santander)\\
H. Imai (Tokyo)\\
H. Janwa (Allahabad)\\
R. Kohno (Yokohama)\\
H. F. Mattson (Syracuse)\\
A. Miola (Roma)\\
T. Mora (Genova)\\
O. Moreno (Puerto Rico)\\
A. Poli (Toulouse)\\
T.R.N. Rao (Lafayette La.)\\
S. Sakata (Tokyo)

\subsection{Local Organizers}
\'Ecole Nationale Sup\'erieure\\
de T\'el\'ecommunications \\
46 Rue Barrault\\
F-75013, Paris (France)\\
Fax: 33-1-45813119\\
Phone: 33-1-45817540\\
E-mail: cohen at
GAGE, Centre de Math\'ematiques\\
\'Ecole Polytechnique\\
F-91228, Palaiseau Cedex (France)\\
Fax: 33-1-69333050\\
Phone: 33-1-69334585\\
E-mail: giusti at
\item TEO MORA\\
Dipartimento di Matematica\\
Via L.B. Alberti 4\\
I-16132, Genova (Italy)\\
Fax: 39-10-3538769\\
Phone: 39-10-3538739\\
E-mail: theomora at

Conference will be held at \\
Poincar\'e Amphitheater\\
in the former \'Ecole Polytechnique, the Research Ministry today\\
25, rue de la Montagne Sainte-Genevi\`eve\\
in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in the Quartier Latin\medskip\\
M\'etro stations : Maubert-Mutualit{\'e}, Cardinal Lemoine, Luxembourg\\


\subsection{Before June 15}

Given the difficulty of finding a place to stay in Paris during the holidays
it is highly recommended that you should deal with this question
as early as possible.

If you wish, the colloquium secretary can reserve a room for
you at the Hotel Comfort Inn Al{\'e}sia
on the basis of ``first come, first served'' (43 rooms).

The location of the hotel is:
        Hotel Comfort Inn Al\'{e}sia \\
        76, Raymond Losserand Street \\
        in the 14th arrondissement of Paris \\
        M\'etro station: Pern{\'e}ty}

Time required to travel to the conference site: 30 minutes.

The price is 310 FF per night for a double room and 260 FF
for a single. This price includes breakfast and lodging tax.

Look to the section \ref{hotel} to find out how to get to the hotel.

The payment of at least 40 per cent of the total lodging price is necessary
for us to make a reservation.

Please notice that before June 15 and after the first 43 reservations, we will
try to find a room in another hotel, but this may be at a more expensive price.

To minimize the cost of your accomodation, we can help you to find another
participant to share a double room (310 FF divided by 2).

\subsection{After June 15}

After June 15, we will not guarantee reservations.


Breakfasts will be taken at the hotel.
Lunches will be served at the Conference Site.\\
Please advise us of any special dietary requirements.
You will be free to choose your favorite french (or not !) restaurant
for dinner.
There will be a social dinner Tuesday 18 evening at the Eiffel Tower.


For people coming with children, there is the opportunity
for them to be looked after at the ``halte-garderie'' (nursery)
Paris VI University (m\'etro station: Jussieu, five minutes walk from
the Conference site). Age from 3 to 12. Please ask for more information.


                   Before June 15 1995       After June 15 1995
Seniors :              1000 FF                 1500 FF
Students:               700 FF                  900 FF

It includes a copy of the proceedings, attendance at all conference sessions,
coffee and tea refreshment breaks, lunches and some
social events.

For seniors, the fee also includes the social dinner. Students who would
like to attend the social dinner are welcome, but they will be asked a
contribution of 300 FF.

All fees and prices in this notice are quoted in French Francs.
(1 US Dollar is about 5 French Francs)


The global payment (inscription + hotel) can be made in either of
the two following ways:
\item by bank cheque, in French Francs made payable to:\\
        Monsieur l'Agent Comptable Secondaire du CNRS de Gif-sur-Yvette.\\
  This cheque should be sent to: \\
        Nicole Dubois\\
        Laboratoire GAGE\\
        \'Ecole Polytechnique\\
        91128 Palaiseau Cedex - France\\

\item by International Bank Transfer to:\\
  la Tr\'{e}sorerie G\'{e}n\'{e}rale de l'Essonne, Boulevard de France, \\
        91011 Evry - France\\
  Pay\'ee: Monsieur l'Agent Comptable Secondaire du CNRS de Gif-sur-Yvette,\\
  Domicialiation: TPEVRY, Bank Code: 10071, Agency Code: 91000,\\
  Account number: 00004400960, RIB Key: 26.\\

\item No credit cards can be accepted

\framebox[10cm][t]{\Large Please register before June 30}
Full name:

Affiliation and address:




I will attend the conference from                     to

I wish to make a reservation for a [ ] single room - 260 FF
                                   [ ] double room - 310 FF

at Hotel Comfort Inn Alesia [ ]  the July 16 night
                            [ ]  the July 17 night
                            [ ]  the July 18 night
                            [ ]  the July 19 night
                            [ ]  the July 20 night
                            [ ]  the July 21 night

Registration fee:                     ..................

        Hotel (40 % of the total hotel cost): ..................

                            TOTAL:            ..................

        Payment by: [ ] check
                    [ ] international money order


This registration form and your payment by check should be returned  to
        Nicole Dubois
        Laboratoire GAGE - Ecole Polytechnique
        91128 PALAISEAU Cedex - France

        E-mail    : aaecc at
        Telephone : 33 (1) 69 33 34 65  ---  Fax : 33 (1) 69 33 30 50

        For further informations, please read on the WWW
        or via anonymous FTP
        or contact me ...

\subsection{Airport $\rightarrow$ Hotel}
People coming by plane (Orly or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle
airports) can take the {\bf Air France bus} (white tourism bus) to Paris.

\item Orly $\rightarrow$ Paris Montparnasse:
Every day - from 05.50 am to 11.00 pm - each 12 minutes - 32 FF - 30 minutes

\item Roissy $\rightarrow$ Paris Montparnasse:
Every day - from 07.00 am to 09.00 pm - each 30 minutes between 09.00 am and
02.00 pm/60 minutes during the others hours - 64 FF - 45 minutes
Get off the bus at the railway station ``Gare Montparnasse'' and
take the m\'etro (line number 13 in direction ``Chatillon-Montrouge'') to
reach the hotel.

\subsection{How to find your hotel}
The address is
        Hotel Comfort Inn Al\'{e}sia \\
        76, Rue Raymond Losserand \\
        75014 Paris\\
        M\'etro station: Pern{\'e}ty}


\item By m\'etro\\
The Hotel Comfort Inn Al{\'e}sia is situated just behind the Montparnasse train
station near the m\'etro station Pern{\'e}ty - line 13 ``Chatillon-Malakoff'' -

\item By car\\
From P{\'e}riph{\'e}rique (Circular Road), exit Porte de Vanves,
follow Place Porte de Vanves, straight on.

You can pay directly to the hotel with french money or with an international
credit card.

Please don't phone or fax directly to the hotel, but fill the registration
form, to reserve your room AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

\subsection{Travelling from hotel to conference location}

The starting m\'etro station is Pern{\'e}ty and the
destination station is Maubert-Mutualit{\'e}.

The estimated travelling time is 30 minutes (at the rush hours)

   \item Line 13, Direction 'Gabriel P{\'e}ri' or 'Saint Denis-Basilique'
         \item Pern{\'e}ty
         \item Montparnasse/Bienven{\"u}e
         \item Duroc
   \item Line 10, Direction 'Gare d'Austerlitz'
         \item Duroc
         \item Vaneau
         \item S{\`e}vres/Babylone
         \item Mabillon
         \item Od{\'e}on
         \item Cluny/La Sorbonne
         \item Maubert-Mutualit{\'e}



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